Ryan Hall Ya’ll and the future of weather forecasting

i always share a live stream of Ryan Hall when there is going to be severe weather that affects the United States. I consider it part of the America First agenda to look out for the folks. From time to time i use n8 snyder or [chaser] Reed Timmer but 100% of the time i’ll post Ryan Hall’s you tube live stream and/or forecast. He is also on Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Mr. Hall monitors all of the United States. with a focus on how the weather affects you.He uses data from radar notably but not limited to Omega 3. He uses anecdotal information from his members across different platforms but mainly Twitter. When severe weather such as tornados are in the forecast he’ll definitely live stream and tries to recruit a storm chaser for on the ground reports. Hall was a weather reporter for a network. He felt confined and with his in depth knowledge of meteorology you understand why he was confined. Now his weather forecast is hands on and personal. His objective-help as many people as possible and if possible save lives. He wants people to have a laymen’s understanding of meteorology and become weather aware. i’ve been preaching that in the blog for the longest time. Ryan sums it up with a few words . Don’t be scared, be prepared.

Unfortunately far too many people don’t give weather a thought. i’ve heard the famous last words more than once. What would that be? A tornado will never happen here followed by some reason. The truth is a tornado can happen anywhere on the planet given the right conditions with just one except; the Antartica but how many people live there. Hall calls those conditions ‘nader juice’ but it’s all based on science.

Here is one woman’s testimony about her experience with a Ryan Hall live stream.

bottom line; have a plan for you and your family. & know the drill,. Where is YOUR safe space?

Ryan covered the Dec. 10-11 Tornado outbreak for 11 hours straight. If he saved even 1 life through his live stream it was worth every minute. The coverage was fantastic. Through the use of social media he can get the word out to people who may have no idea what’s coming. My thinking is to be aware of the weather ahead of time-check his forecast uploads. Make use of the convection reports at the storm prediction center as well as taking 5 min to look at your local reports for the day/week. True weather prediction is not always 100% accurate but the report only has to be right once to affect you. Over the years technology has made weather forecasting and reporting far more accurate than it has ever been.

Tornados by their nature are always somewhat unpredictable unlike a hurricane where meteorologists can forecast a path fairly accurately and issue evacuation orders when necessary. Not so much with a tornado so any advance warning all can be a lifesaver;which is why i say be weather aware. You may only have minutes and in some instances seconds to take cover and get to your safe space.

To Ryan’s credit one thing you won’t see him do is stand outside in the middle of a hurricane doing the ‘dramatic” wind is blowing me over shot all the while telling people they shouldn’t be going outside(as a possible road sign goes whizzing past y his/her head).Thank God! How many times have we seen that shot?

As i close this out i want to note that i get nothing by way of a monetary payment or advertisement from Mr Hall. i simply like his message, his coverage, the time he takes to explain complex concepts in a simple manner and his drive to help the folks as much as his enthusiasm for all things weather. He would consider me a weather weenie. Mostly i just feel badly for folks who don’t give the weather the attention it deserves and get caught off guard when a disaster does strike. i hate to see people learn the lesson after the fact. It’s why we use the term force of nature. Yes, weather is powerful and can be life altering. i’d just like to see as many people saved as possible and all it takes is a few minutes of a person’s time and attention. Hall convinced me he has the same goal. I’m convinced he has changed the dynamic of weather forecasting and reporting so i’m trying to spread the word. There’s nothing in it for me to gain other than helping him grow his viewership. PERIOD. I’ve never spoken to the man, met him or had any contact. i’m just one of his many subscribers.

I’ll close out with his latest.

NOTE:You can follow Ryan Hall on Twitter @ryanhallyall