Keep It To Yourself

I went to watch Black Conservative Patriot aka BCP on his you tube channel. He’s fantastic. You tube runs a lot of ads. Nothing new for you tube. Right before the BCP report started, up pops an ad from the LGBTQ community re health care. Health care my eye. i was mad as hell. If you want to do your queer thing please keep it to yourself and put it on a porn site. Knock yourselves silly. i don’t want to see it. It’s why we dropped cable tv. You’re not going to convince me this isn’t perverted behavior by planting these stories in every stinking show on television. Now you think i have to put up with it by putting it in an ad. The ad had nothing to do with health care. Nice cover but it’s not working. We have family members who suffer from the disordered attraction. Yes, we’re sympathetic but when it comes to the movement trying to impose these behaviors on the general public as normal that sympathy goes right out the window.

Homophobic? Nonsense word. Nobody fears your disordered attraction. Everyone has fears of some kind but i guarantee you this is not one of them. Don’t know how the term got started but the truth is there is no such thing and making up words doesn’t cut it.

Do i sound angry? Yep. You would be right.

Do i advocate violence against people who have a problem? Nope.NEVER. You don’t beat up people and solve any problem. It wouldn’t change a thing. Besides people don’t change unless THEY want to and make the effort. All i’m asking is for the overall movement to stop shoving it on the rest of us.

I know Pres Trump didn’t have a problem with same sex marriage. i agree with the President on 99.9% of the issues but not this one. Is it a deal breaker? Nope. The Supreme Court spoke. The ‘issue’ is not even on the table. Do i recognize same sex marriage? Nope. Do you have to agree with me? You don’t have to agree with me about anything. PERIOD. I do support Pres Trump for the respect he showed to people with religious convictions who also didn’t recognize same sex marriage. While he upheld the Supreme Court decision; he also protected people with religious convictions and that was the right route to take. it wasn’t an issue in the 2016 or 2020 election and it’s not going to be an issue in 2024 either. The only time it becomes an issue (at this point) is when the state tries to trample on religious freedom.

i can almost guarantee some liberals will try to frame my attitude as being un-Christian. Jesus commanded us to love as He loved. i always find it amazing when a secular humanist who believes the state is God suddenly discovers the Christian faith & tries to use it to promote immoral behaviors-that said, they are right. :Jesus did command us to love others as He loved. Love does not equal supporting destructive behaviors. it’s the opposite.

It’s not the individuals who made me angry about the ad. It’s the ideological movement behind the ad trying to pass it off as a health ad when it looks absolutely sick and is meant for the general public. It’s why i used the title, keep it to yourself.

Incidentally, Jesus condemned ALL immoral behavior and expects us to give it up if we’re involved. The word is repent. He knows we will fall but always hopes we will appeal to His mercy until our dying breathe (even our Catholic Pope goes to confession).

So i don’t agree with President Trump on this one. We don’t have to agree with him about everything. All he has to do is try to keep the promises he made-HE DID-and abide by the Constitution of the United States-HE DID. He was the greatest President of my life time and i intend to vote for him a 3rd time in 2024. Unshakeable. i’m onto the tricks the left and the never Trumpers play. i am also very aware of backstabbers. Loyalty is everything.