Coming Soon! Bet you know

from the bottom of my heart wishing ALL of you a blessed 2022

I know that 2021 was tough for all of us. Regardless of the political party we belong to it’s definitely been a rough year.We’re probably all relieved to have it behind us. The one thing about us Americans when things are tough like this we grow stronger. We’re there to help our neighbor in need. We rise to the challenges we face. Americans go forward with a strong faith in God and our fellow citizens.

I hope that all of us get to reconcile with a friend or family member we’re estranged from for whatever reason. It’d be a good way to start 2022. As Christians we’re called to love others. We’re not called to bs best buddies with everyone-that’s not always possible-but we are called to love each other. We are never called to tolerate evil even when we love the person committing it. We can always try to get those people on the right track and if it seems impossible we can always pray for them. Before we do that we should always look in the mirror of course. I have to remind myself from time to time that i don’t have any room to talk. There’s plenty i could work on.

We’re not partying tonight. My husband is planted in front of the tv with his roku on. i’m in my cubbyhole computer room, in a wheelchair, with a cup of coffee and heating pad on my leg & the bottle of ibuprofen i depend on. I’m retired, we’re on a fixed income and we’re seniors who are going to toast each other with a glass of milk like we’ve done for the past 20 yrs. The first 10 we went to Perkins for coffee.

The leg is the least of my worries. i hate to start of 2022 this way but i’m in a financial pickle and the only thing saving us is the weekend. The hammer comes down Monday but for now everything is closed.. Could anyone consider a one time donation? I hate to beg-it’s not my style-but i’m frantic and there’s only 2 days left. This is ready to jump off a cliff frantic. i’m being honest and up front here. i’m at my wits end and with husband having suffered through 2 strokes in 2020 i am too scared to tell him for fear of what it will do.


i”m not ending the blog of 2021 with a recap of the past year. I’m pretty sure everyone knows the news for 2021 and doesn’t need me pointing out what you’ve already lived through, right?

Is there anything you’d like to suggest for the blog going forward?

What would you like to see me do for 2022 to support Trump and the MAGA movement?

Have the articles been interesting and helpful or not?

Again,from the bottom of my heart i wish each and every one of you and everyone in your life the best for 2022.. You’ll always be in my prayers even though i have no idea who most of you are. HUGE Thanks for coming by! Honestly, if there’s anything i can do to improve the blog let me know,k?

God bless & Happy New Year-let’s keep America First together!