Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sounds Alarm On ‘Tortured’ J6 Defendant Jailed In Solitary Confinement – Nwo Report

‘This man is being held PRETRIAL in solitary confinement with serious medical conditions and no treatment,’ MTG wrote on Twitter Monday.’He didn’t kill or rape anyone, hurt children, run over people in a Christmas parade, or illegally invade our border.’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sounds Alarm On ‘Tortured’ J6 Defendant Jailed In Solitary Confinement – Nwo Report

FBI Informant Who Helped Stage Phony Kidnapping Plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is Charged with Fraud – Big League Politics

By Shane Trejo

Robeson, an FBI informant who helped stage the phony kidnapping hoax of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, is being hit with fraud charges. Robeson was charged last week for allegedly defrauding a couple out of an SUV by convincing them to donate it to a fake charity. His wife, Kimberly, has also been charged. They will face up to three years in prison with fines up to $10,000 if they are convicted.

FBI Informant Who Helped Stage Phony Kidnapping Plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is Charged with Fraud – Big League Politics

How Do People Do It? What Am I Doing Wrong?

Some years ago a friend was telling me how her daughter needed a laptop for college.We’re on a fixed income ;as much as i would have been glad to couldn’t get it for her. So i suggested she let me put up a fundraiser for her on Facebook. i did-left it up for a reasonable length of time and didn’t raise a dime.

Then there was another time a rumor got back to me that sounded legit-the story was true and verifiable-and it sounded like this person could use some financial help. The part about needing help turned out to be inaccurate but i had no idea at the time. i put up a fundraiser. There was no way on earth anyone would have known-not even me-that the financial support wasn’t necessary. It didn’t matter because AGAIN this fundraiser raised nothing anyway. I did manage to be humiliated when i was asked to take it down.My fault for not asking first.

Then my husband and i got into a situation ourselves-not of our own doing-where he had a serious health crisis and we had to get him to the Cleveland Clinic twice.We didn’t see that coming. It wasn’t cheap and our only transportation out and back was the train. Around the same time a friend was in a situation herself so we LOANED her 500.00 from a loan we were approved for at our bank. It’s a special loan program for all members and i knew the application would not be turned down. The 500.00 helped her get a place to live. Long story short she never paid it back and had no intention to. Had i known what the Cleveland trip was going to do to us OR that we would get burned i would not have done it.

So i put up a paypal fundraiser and a donate button HERE thinking maybe it was the type of fundraiser that caused me to fail to raise anything. i can’t believe the kinds of money people do raise on these sites. i added a donate button here and sent out a request on twitter. I raised 10.00 total and i want those 2 people to know how grateful i am even though i came up far short of our goal. They were the few who pitched in. We’ve managed to get by these last months in spite of not raising the 200.00 we needed. As much as we hated to do it we took out another 500.00 loan as soon as the last one was paid off and got our bills paid for the month. As i was afraid it’s caught up with us and now we have no way out. We can’t take another loan. You’re only allowed 1 and it wouldn’t matter. We’re still making the high payments on the last one. We couldn’t do it again even if the bank would let us.

Now i’m down to 1 day to come up with 300.00 all due on THIS FRIDAY. If we could just get it paid we’d be in good shape and never have to ask again. I haven’t been able to come up with any other way to get that kind of money especially on so short of notice-here i go again. i decided to give a fundraiser one more try and use pay pal.

i’ve posted it on Twitter and several social media sites.I’m at 0 so far and praying it doesn’t go the way of the other fundraisers. How do people manage to raise the huge sums they do on these fundraisers? What am i doing wrong that i get no response at all?

We don’t do drugs. We don’t drink. We don’t eat out. We’re homebound so we’re not spending money on entertainment. We dropped cable tv over a year ago. The one luxury i have is getting the blog (HERE)upgraded once a year although this year i may have to drop back to a free account or just give it up altogether for awhile.Honestly, i was barely able to scrape it up the last 2 times. i’m of the mind there’s no way on earth i can do it again. Still that doesn’t help with the current situation. i don’t plan on jumping off a cliff over this but if it weren’t for prayer i would have by now. Won’t lie-certainly feel like it.

What am doing wrong? How DO other people manage to create successful fundraisers online? For some reason i’m a huge failure at it whether it’s this situation or the 2 i did for other people. Felt terrible too. Now we’re in need and i can’t even help myself. It has to be something i’m doing wrong and am too close to the problem to see it.

I rewrote the message in 3rd person thinking it might help.

i originally set it at 200.00 on the blog but since that time the amount we have to come up with is 300.00. Fortunately it won’t go any higher.

One thing i refuse to do is become cynical. There has to be a reason.. Here’s the account’:

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