Let’s Stick Together MAGA.An election year is coming and this one is critical!

Comments from the Brian Craig show on you tube

I’m Catholic and what that means is i have a problem with adultery, divorce, premarital sex, same sex ‘marriage’ and abortion. The big one being abortion. i don’t expect that Trump-a non Catholic-has lived up to everything i would expect if he were a Catholic. As President the one thing i would expect is that he protects my right to practice my faith. i expect that of any President. Biden IS a Catholic and he supports abortion and attacks my right to practice the same faith he claims to profess. I do have a HUGE problem with that. Trump protected freedom of religion and he is pro life. i don’t agree with him on same sex marriage but i don’t see any candidate touching that one. On the other hand I don’t see Trump forcing me and other Catholics to compromise our beliefs and that matters a lot. Remember Constantine legalized Christianity and stopped the persecution of Christians. Trump took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and execute the duties of the office. He did not become my priest, bishop, Pope or Redeemer.

Trump is not perfect. Got it. Sold out? The accusation deserves an explanation. Anyone know what this guy is referring to?

Finally, to Mr Conservative Smith, choose which side you’re on. I leave the attacks on Trump to the other side. He doesn’t need it from ours.