An Open Letter to Brian Craig re Candace Owens

-Mr. Craig asked for responses to his analysis of his comments re some Candace Owens comments on Pres Trump, after her recent interview of same.

Here’s Brian Craig’s take on her comments. My response to Brian AND Candace follows.

i wasn’t going to do any entries on politics/news until Monday but i couldn’t let this one go.It’s late in the morning anyway. This is not going to interfere with any plans for Saturday or Sunday.

As a heads up, i’m familiar with Ms Owens. i first started following her when she was doing You Tube commentaries early on. She was a virtual unknown at the time building up an audience. I personally thought Ms. Owens was fantastic. i have to assume a lot of people thought the same thing. Her following grew. Long story short she was picked up by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point and she became a very well known and respected Conservative commentator/activist. It wasn’t surprising. She’s incredibly dynamic.She’s one of those people who are destined to be culturally ,if not politically, influential.

She had her interview with Trump. i haven’t watched the whole interview;only bits and pieces. i had no idea she had gone on to work with Ben Shapiro. Full disclosure; i am not a Shapiro fan at all. i find him to be arrogant and condescending. I know he carries conservative bona fides or so i hear but that doesn’t mean he can’t be arrogant and condescending. I also had no idea he didn’t vote for President Trump but i wasn’t surprised when Craig said this. He may as well be on the other side. My main ‘go to’ conservatives are Mark Levin and the late Andrew Brietbart. Other conservatives i have a lot of faith in are Larry Elder, the late Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino(to name a few).Shapiro struck me as a Never Trumper along the lines of the snobby Bill Kristol. So why would Candace Owens get on board with Shapiro unless she stood with him on Trump? I hate to jump to conclusions especially with someone i respected as much as Ms Owens but where she stands is,at the least,questionable.

Now to get to what i have to say to Mr. Craig and by extension to Candace Owens.

Pres Trump happened to be in office at one of the worst times in our country. We were hit with the Coronavirus Pandemic just as the economy was taking off like a rocket. Nobody in the U.S. knew squid about this new virus; except possibly Fauci who was making sure GOF research could be done at Wuhan.

When Pres Trump had to handle the pandemic he had to do it with limited info on the virus. All we knew was that it was highly transmissible. Obviously, it was spreading like wildfire and it was virulent. It was killing people left and right. All we knew. Let’s all be honest. We had no idea what was coming and we were unprepared to handle such an unknown.

Also, Mr Craig i totally resent what she said about people Trump’s age. Yes, we grew up at a time when there was no internet and news sources were limited.
No, we did not believe everything we heard, contrary to her assessment. She seemed to imply we were a bunch of stupid sheep that just aren’t as smart as people her age. I do check out alternative sites for news and opinions. Sorry, but they’re not the answer either. We better be just as skeptical of the alternate news and not accept they’re honest brokers either. I know the legacy media lies so i don’t put any stock in them. Trump called them out if only she’d take the time to recall. He always referred to them as fake news, then corrupt news and finally deemed them an enemy of the people outright.

The issue with alternate sites is that they can also put out questionable information to support a point of view. I’m not saying they lie like the legacy media. What i am saying is that they sometimes promote hand picked information that lacks research.

She is correct in saying that our generation trusted vaccines. Unfortunately with Covid the options were limited and time was critical but not on our side.

President Trump was faced with losing millions of our citizens. We were basically thrust into a war against a biological weapon. He made a lot of good calls, including some he took a lot of heat for ie the China ban. He helped out the governors regardless of party. Something Biden could learn from. He’s done the opposite; punishing his opponents by withholding aide. Trump never gave that any thought. He invoked the Defense Powers act to get much needed supplies. He initiated Operation Warp Speed knowing that vaccines might be the only way to stop the virus from killing millions more; like something on the order of the Spanish Flu of 1917. You’re the President. You’re responsible for the safety and security of the citizens. You’re looking at few options. What do you do? You come up with a vaccine as quickly as possible. He never mandated the masks or the vaccines. He recommended them but he never forced them on the states.

You’re the President. You have to address the American people. How do you communicate the news to them and get them to take the pandemic seriously without throwing them into a panic? I wouldn’t want to have been in his shoes.

I’m going to be brutally honest here. If you feel the vaccines might help you then consult with your own pcp. It’s between you and him/her. If you’re a religious person and your faith informs your decisions,. speak with your minister, priest or rabbi. I don’t like the pressure from either side-pro or anti vax- and i’ve managed to ignore it. I’ve seen claims that the virus is a hoax. There are articles claiming the vaccines are being used for population control. Never mind that the virus itself could severely impact population growth if left unchecked. I don’t do fear porn in my blog but i don’t go around with my head up my butt either.

Evidently Ms Owens thinks that people born in a certain time period lived in caves. Never be that sure of yourself. I will give you that she lives in an age of readily available information and tons of it. It reminds me of the grocery stores in the cave dweller days. You had but a handful of cereals to choose from and you probably picked up a ‘good to the last drop’ can of Maxwell House coffee. Now you could spend 2 hr in one aisle of anything. The tv broadcasts went off at midnight. You knew it was that time when the national anthem played. Now cable news has to do 24/7 broadcasts and i’m not so sure that makes for better news coverage.

This made us a bunch of dummies? Only the young internet ‘savvy’ commentators can have a clue about the world we live in? Say it aint so Candace. Does more of one thing make the one thing necessarily better or the other things fantastic or in the end is it just more confusing? You be the judge.All i’m saying is that i didn’t like that she seemed to imply we’re stupid because we’re supposedly not up to speed due to age*.

IMHO the only way we would know with certainty if a vaccine could be efficacious is to not have a vaccine at all and see what the outcome would be. I doubt Pres Trump was willing to take that chance. Again, i quote Donald Rumsfeld’s observation back when, “we don’t know what we don’t know.” You don’t have to agree with Rumsfeld on everything but he certainly had a point.I’m not for the vax. i’m not against the vax. I’m for you making up your own mind. Ditto the masks. i can tell you my husband had the vax and i support his decision. He talked it over with our trusted pcp and given my husband’s risk and underlying health issues the decision was based on the fact that he has more risk from the virus than the vaccine. He has no problem with the disclosure. We both go by the Bongino phiosophy; you do you, i’ll do me. You have to do your own assessment. This is where Pres Trump is with his thinking. i’ve heard people say they will never vote for him again because he supports the vaccines.

Where were they when he initiated Operation Warp Speed?

Of course he supports the vaccines he initiated. This wasn’t a newsflash. He does not support the mandates. Big difference between the 2. You want to know what the efficacy of vaccines are find a country with near zero vaccinations, be sure there are no confounding variables and see what their case rate, hospitalization rate and above all mortality rate from covid is-IMHO that data could give you a pretty good idea

Did he have a choice? He was in the office of President. His first responsibility was the citizens. i don’t think he was willing to sit back and see if millions of our own die. You do what you CAN do in the face of a crisis the magnitude of what he was facing. i also know he’s going to hold China accountable. i can’t think of that many politicians who are willing to do so. I know for a fact Biden won’t. He’s in their back pocket and likely black mailed. Besides, he’s weak and they know it.

Unfortunately i think the people slamming Trump for being ‘pro’ vaccine are of the same mind set of the left. The left thinks you have to be all in for the vaccines. There’s no room for disagreement. The anti vaccine crowd thinks the same way. You have to totally oppose the vaccines or you’re the enemy. BTW there are lot of MAGA conservatives who have had the vaccine and none of them are pushing their decision. Pres Trump is one of those. He speaks from first hand experience. He had covid. We could have lost him.

As for me i’m tired of the fair weather people who betray Pres. Trump. Loyalty is everything. I hope they reconsider. Pence infuriates me more than anyone. He had the choice to to do the right thing and he chose the easy thing. Look where we are now.

Did Trump bat 100%? Of course not. Was he a great President who deserved a 2nd term? No doubt here. Will i vote for him [again] in 2024? Absolutely.

Now if you’ll excuse me i’d like to go back to reminiscing about the cave dwelling days of Christmas past and celebrate Christmas present.

I am NOT going to tell anyone what i personally think of the vaccines. You are perfectly capable of deciding for yourselves. You have to do the research to the extent YOU feel you need to. I DO recommend consultation with a trusted pcp. That’s as far as i’ll go. i make no bones about opposing the mandates though. If you assume you know where i stand with the vaccines you are probably going to be wrong anyway. (Just sayin).


* what drives me crazy are people who can’t get off their phones.They’ve got their noses in them all the time. Please look up once in awhile.I couldn’t do it but i greatly admire people who live off the grid.