Didn’t Pelosi Call Them StormTroopers?

When Trump was ready to put down the rioters-Antifa,BLM and other insurrectionists-Nancy Pelosi attacked Trump, his actions and law enforcement. The insurrectionists were burning down cities, attacking innocent people and even committing murder all with the purpose of getting Trump out. Here was Pelosi’s response:

She called them Trump’s storm troopers and the media called them peaceful protestors. On the flip side when it came to Jan 6 in D.C. Pelosi accused Trump of standing down,of not doing enough.

Let’s talk about that for a second. First of all Trump offered to send in the National Guard. Pelosi REFUSED the offer. He did not have the authority to send in the Capitol Police..Congress had the authority o get extra police. Their purview. Their Capitol Building. The only thing Trump could do is send the Guard but Pelosi had to approve it. She didn’t.

How is it when it’s the insurrection against Trump in 2020 they are Trump’s Storm Troopers but on Jan 6 he didn’t do enough which is a flat out lie anyway. He tried.