As Much as I Hate Writing About the Topic…here we go. Covid in 2022

When the virus first broke out we knew next to nothing about it. They gave it a name. They classified it as a Coronavirus. It was declared a pandemic. We know the CCP,Fauci and the WHO all covered up for the Wuhan Lab in China. Every single one of them was covering their own butts.

Now 2-3 yrs later we know more than we did then, but not enough. As Donald Rumsfeld once said, We don’t know what we don’t know.Good point.

i’d like to know who voted for Joe Biden based on his stupid promise to wipe out the virus?

They believed he could do that?

Is he walking on water yet? Notice the death counters the media had when Trump was in office are gone.Remarkable, no?

Two things we know for sure about the virus. It’s highly transmissible. It was designed to be. It can kill you.It was designed for that too.Viruses mutate-we already knew that. IMHO it’s a biological weapon. What else could it be? Guess who was making sure it was funded? Dr. Fauci. No wonder he tried to downplay it. He’s still the head of the CDC? Explain that one.

Nobody should be fooling with this stuff. NOBODY.

Next question, why on earth are we attending the Olympics in Bejing or doing business with China at all?

They killed our people and darned near destroyed our economy. Isn’t that usually considered an act of war?

President Trump handled the crisis as best as he could. He stocked up on PPE, ventilators, had field hospitals built, banned travel from China and responded to any governor-regardless of party-who requested help [not Biden].He basically cut through red tape to get the vaccines produced. Whatever else you think about these vaccines the President did what was necessary. We don’t have a lot of options. We surely didn’t have too many early on when we didn’t know what we were dealing with.

We still don’t have a lot of options. For as much as we know now we probably won’t know enough for years.

One thing Trump DIDN’T do that Biden is doing; he didn’t mandate the masks or vaccines. He promised to fight the virus. He didn’t promise the impossible. Biden did that.

I refuse to deal with the mask nazis, people who raise hell with you for not wearing a mask and people who raise hell with you because you are. As Dan Bongino says, “you do you,I’ll do me.’ As for the vaccines. Talk to YOUR family doctor and do what you think is right for YOUR situation. What i do is nobody’s business; let alone the governments. I was sure we had hippa laws.

i do not oppose the vaccines. i oppose the mandates because taking any vaccine is no small matter. When we have a medical decision to make the first thing we do is discuss it with our trusted family doctor, especially the more serious decisions. Most people discuss serious medical decisions with their families if it affects them. A good example is when my husband had open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. We discussed it with their medical team. We talked it over with each other. We kept his family up to date. The surgery went beautifully but it was a matter of life and death too. As much as we had a lot of anxiety there was no choice. These kinds of decisions are personal. The government can’t be making these decisions for us especially when they don’t know our medical history. BTW… in the end if my husband had chosen not to have the surgery-though he understood perfectly well what that meant and would never have done so-i would have had to accept it.

Finally, let’s pray for our country. Trump couldn’t kill the virus but he made no such promise. Biden’s declaration he would eradicate it was pie in the sky. For people of faith the only one who can heal this scourge is God.* He’s given us good people like doctors, nurses, scientists with remarkable skills but in the end the outcome is clearly out of our hands. My husband had anointing of the sick (he’s Catholic) each time he went into the hospital. i attribute his recovery to the skill of the surgeon and his team but am convinced what took place during the surgery was a miracle of healing.

IMHO the virus has revealed a great deal about Biden himself. For the people who thought Trump was a tyrant maybe they better take a real close look. Let’s also suppose we were to do the lockdowns and mandates. Ask yourself THE question; is this going to stop the virus?

*For those who don’t believe in God you have to know that much in life is out of our control. That’s stating the obvious. For those who do believe in God we know that God is with us through all the struggles and pain of life. We don’t suffer for naught and we can’t always avoid it. Everything has a reason and purpose even when we don’t fully comprehend it. This is when prayer comes in handy.

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