The Weary World Rejoices

We are blessed to live in a country that guarantees us freedom OF religion and protects all of our God given rights. We live in a country that was founded on the premise that we have God given rights in the first place-that it is not the state that gives us our rights. The founders ideas as written in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were based on Judeo-Christian principles. Yes, even the theist, Jefferson, was influenced by those principles. He put his signature on the Constitution risking all for the new government of, by and for the people.

The main role of government is to protect those rights. When it threatens them it is no longer a republic.

So here in America the country celebrates Christmas. The day that God became man. The day that the weary world rejoices no matter what we see in our nation, our communities and in our own sometimes weary lives. We can lose all and still have hope because God came into the world, entered our human race.. He took upon his own shoulders all the weight of weariness and suffering. The world was never meant to be a utopia free of death and destruction, pain and suffering. Joe Biden cannot promise us this anymore than Donald Trump could. Any government that believes it can create utopia here is delusional. No government can offer that kind of hope.

Joe Biden claims to be Catholic as many Catholic politicians do. They don’t understand that attending Mass does not make one a devout Catholic. You either live the faith or you don’t. it doesn’t mean speaking out of both sides of your mouth when it comes to her teachings. The reason the weary world can rejoice is that we know it begins here but it’s not our ultimate goal. We rejoice because God gave us each other to get through it all until we reach the only possible utopia-heaven (union with God). God looked at man and said it was not good for man to be alone. We were created to be social beings. We were created as men and women to be together in marriage and have families. God knew for our own well being we had to have other people, All you have to do to destroy civilization is destroy the relationship between man and woman in marriage and support a breakdown in the family. When Jesus was born he was born into a family. Jesus entered human history and time through a family. Unfortunately our government has decided to use Covid to put a damper on our family gatherings and break us apart at a time when we really need other people.

People can have circumstances where rejoicing is hard to do. They’ve lost a family member,lived through a disaster, had tragedy strike their lives. i can’t imagine being an atheist at those times. It must be an inconsolable grief. Just as much as i can’t imagine being an atheist and having a beautiful day to be grateful for and no one to be grateful to for creating it. Our Constitution even protects the God given rights of those people. It doesn’t force anyone to believe in the same Creator we do or any creator at all. You are not going to be persecuted for not believing in God but the state cannot-or at this point should not-persecute anyone for practicing their faith. It says freedom of religion; not freedom of worship meaning you have the right to both worship AND practice your faith.

So we rejoice on Christmas Day for the freedom God gave mankind and to be born in a country that swore it would protect it. i know that we’re really weary this Christmas. We’re suffering through covid, inflation, lost jobs, draconian pronouncements by a marxist regime in power, lies from our own government, attacks on our liberty and false accusations against us. I know that the state is taking political prisoners. We didn’t think it would ever happen here. It did. We were betrayed by people we thought were on our side(Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney Mike Pence) come to mind)and some who had a special obligation to be on our side, like our supposed leaders Mitch McConnell. & Kevin McCarthy.

Right before our eyes the country we love is becoming Venezuela. The left thinks this is fantastic. They see it as being on the road to that non existent utopia. They think we will be the country to get it right. What they don’t seem to understand is that a systemically corrupt system isn’t going to get it ‘right’ no matter how many times it’s tried or where. We’re going through a dark time in our history. How do you rejoice when you’re this weary?

Take a time out. Enjoy the time with your family. Put politics aside for the day. Begin the day in your place of worship and give thanks we can [still] do that. Help a family in need especially the folks in Kentucky and the other states who went through the tornado outbreak.

The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.