(the truth is)NOBODY’S In Charge


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No 1. This guy did not get 81 million REAL votes. Sorry, didn’t happen.

No 2. This guy was not a moderate. Was anyone paying attention during the campaign?

No 3. This guy has a history of lying. I’m not saying he exaggerates or uses hyperbole. I am saying he has spent years outright lying, been caught and continued to lie anyway.

No 4. The media made him out to be this nice, gentle and empathetic person when the people who have actually known Joe for years will tell you how nasty he really is.

Remember the Biden campaign? I know-not much to remember and that’s the point. Nearly ever day his staff was putting a lid on his campaign. A lid is a term meaning there will be no scheduled events of any kind for the day. You simply would not see Joe that day. They didn’t do it all the time but they did it enough to notice. So how could Joe run a campaign if he wasn’t out there campaigning? It wasn’t hard at all. The media carried water for him. They were his campaign. They went out of their way to make him look good and make orange man look bad although orange man was out working his ass off campaigning. Biden got nothing but good press even when he wasn’t out there. The media is part of the Democrat party. They aren’t bystanders. They are active participants. The same goes for big tech and social media. This mo was fine for Biden’s campaign. Once you’re president you become a very public figure and you actually have to make public appearances. ‘Yes, you can hide out from the public to a certain extent but there’s no way on earth Biden can hide out [in the office of President ]]as much as he did as a candidate. Did they think to take that into consideration?  He rarely does pressers and the ones he does do are staged. The White House actually did a sit down with the press to discuss some of the negative press he was getting. FACT. The media got the message. Don’t you love when they all parrot the same narrative?

The big question a lot of us have lately is who is actually in charge of the White House? Everyone knows that Biden’s cognitive abilities are declining rapidly. You can tell his staff is loathe to put him out there and he doesn’t often go without a teleprompter when he is out there. He has difficulty even reading the teleprompter. You and i could do that much. He’s not in charge. We know it. Trust me, they know it. He didn’t win*. We know it. Trust me, they know it. :Joe is corrupt. They knew it all along. Is anyone going to have the guts to tell people the truth? Obviously not. They’re all on the same team. 

Principles have nothing to do with it.

Which brings us to the next point; since Joe is not in charge and it’s people behind him pulling the strings you’d think the leftists who supported him would be furious. Even the leftists who support the Democrat party should be furious. They were duped by the media. They were duped by Joe. They were duped by their own party. They should have figured out they were being duped when the same cabal was pushing the Russia Hoax on them. Forget all the other ways they were duped. The Russia Hoax alone should have been enough to have them jumping up and down. Know why they weren’t? They don’t care. They don’t care if Joe is doing a damned thing either. It doesn’t phase them how dangerous it is for the country. 

They don’t even care that their fellow citizens are being held as political prisoners over the Jan 6 Capitol Break In or abandoned in Afghanistan. They don’t care if Joe lies either or that he’s owned by China.They were thrilled when our own President was banned from social media just like they do in 3rd world countries. They were thrilled when the Jan 6 rioters were thrown in prison without due process. Never mind the violation of the Constitution. When Antifa and BLM were burning down our cities it was no problem because Trump was President and they were hoping it would drive him out. Yes, these are the people we are dealing with. They will be fine with all of it, until they find out that it’s going to bite them in the butt. It will sooner or later[hopefully sooner], They don’t think that will happen. It’s why they’re known as useful idiots.

Sorry to say the rest of us have to suffer while these people go around with their heads in the clouds.The truth is Joe is NOT in charge. He has no clue what is going on. We may as well admit it. He just does what he’s told. We want to know who’s behind the curtain. The CCP has a hand in it. We know that-what we need to know is who else is pulling his strings. Soros?  A real possibility. Who else? 

The truth is nobody’s ‘in charge’. They all have a hand but nobody is really in charge. Joe is the ultimate empty suit. The end result is chaos.

*They’re trying to rig the elections permanently with the so called (and unconstitutional) for the people act. All it does is codify everything they pulled off in the 2020 election. Want to know what they did then? Look at everything they’re trying to do NOW.