Republicans/Conservatives we have no reason to be bipartisan.Hint: The Dems aren’t interested.

First we have to look to our own ‘leadership’. Kevin McCarthy is a closet Never Trumper. He knows better than be public about it but look at his behavior. Tell me he isn’t. McConnell on the other hand was obvious from day 1. I wish Trump had seen it. Maybe he did but had no choice but to try and work with him. When you’re dealt a bad hand you make do.

Then we have a handful of RINO’s and some weak kneed Republicans. Two different groups but same result. On top of all that we have some vengeful Never Trumpers who claim to be the true conservatives but join with the Democrat Marxists to destroy Trump. i wouldn’t call that conservative.

Liz Cheney is the top of that list and she needs the boot. The fact that McCarthy stood by her-and still is- is all we need to know.

The question is why would we want to have a spirit of bipartisanship with the Democrats?They’re not interested. They tried to impeach Trump twice, got involved in a coup against him, encouraged violence from 2017-2020,claimed he was not a legit President. Some. refused to attend his inauguration. They pushed the Russia Hoax for 3 yrs knowing it was a lie-and supported the Mueller investigation. Biden is behind Marxist policies; why on earth would we help him pass that agenda?!!!

The reason his programs are called Build Back Better is because you have to tear it all down first to build it back better. If you say your house is going to be built back better you know exactly what that means. You don’t need an explanation.

Look at the destruction Biden has brought on the country. Build Back Better would be the final blow. President Trump even said this when he said we could get to the point of no return. We’re not going to let that happen. Bipartisanship is over. We have to be totally opposed to everything Biden and the Democrats try to do. Let’s consider it politically if we must. If the Republicans go along they are going to be the losers the Democrats are.

I hope they get this. You’re either with us or you’re against us. PERIOD. No compromise. We don’t do deals with the devil. i believe the American people will understand. They get it. They are not clamoring for bipartisanship that i’m aware of. i’m also hoping we demand better leadership. Why do the Republicans support McConnell and McCarthy? There are better [MAGA] people willing to lead and fight. Pelosi,as crazy as she is,says jump and the Democrats say how high. McConnell and McCarthy make no effort to do anything worthwhile and McConnell has done nothing but go along with Biden as long as it hurts Trump. He’s hurting the party too. The Republicans have to see that and be looking out for their own chances of re-election. If you can’t stand on principle at least stand up for the party. We have the warriors but we need those warriors in leadership; not relegated to the sidelines like they have been. Every time one of our warriors stands out it’s the Republicans who shoot them down. They don’t need to apologize and grovel either every time the other side has a hissy fit.

The days of ‘bipartisanship’ are over. At some point you have to make a distinction between you and the other side. If you’re all on the same team what’s the point of running for your party at all?