Resign,Retire, Roll Out Mitch

When Donald Trump was elected he had the ‘good fortune’ of having to work with minority leader Mitch McConnell.You would think Mitch would have been thrilled to have a Republican President who actually defeated Hillary Clinton. Trump tried to be accommodating and appointed Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao to his cabinet for a position she wanted, Transportation Secretary. Admittedly she was qualified but the point here is that he did it as a favor to Mitch.

What did Trump get from Mitch for being such a nice guy & trying to work with Mitch? The only time Mitch ever got in touch with Trump was when he needed something. Mitch helped Trump get his justice appointments through but Mitch wanted those anyway. The appointments were as much for Mitch as they were for Trump. Other than that he ignored the new President. It’s too bad Mitch couldn’t have the word backstabber printed on his forehead. It would kill me every time i heard some Republican singing the praises of how clever Mitch was.

Truth is Mitch was never a leader. The Republicans in Congress are lame at picking their leaders. Ryan,Boehner and Mitch. Proof positive. The worst-Mitch. Boehner’s crying spells weren’t bad enough they had to pick someone like Mitch. i realize Boo hoo Boehner was in the House but you get the point.

Outside of Gingrich none of them have been especially stellar but a backstabber is the worst.Trump was too nice. He worked with what he had but this is the swamp and the swamp creatures are in BOTH parties some of them in high places, like Mitch.

We all know darned well Mitch was not pleased Trump won the nomination. Turtle was too obvious.

We all know he opposed Trump’s wall which he promised to the American people. McConnell was one to smile to your face(if he ever smiled)and turn the knife a couple times when you weren’t around. Trump found a way to get the funding but needed Republican support. Mitch played low key but the truth is he knew there were Republicans who would do his dirty work for him.

We know what Mitch did to the Tea Party Think Mitch’s recent deal with the Democrat opposition is the first time he’s worked hand and glove with the Democrat leadership Let’s not forget the shut down he circumvented with Harry Reid. They raised the debt ceiling.

Dustin Stockman, cofounder of the Tea Party-aligned Western Representation PAC, fired off a fundraising email Thursday morning that he titled “A Parliament of Traitors and Whores.” Stockman pointed to McConnell specifically and accused him of taking a kickback in the form of a multibillion-dollar authorization for a dam system on the Ohio River in Kentucky that was included in the bill, a charge that the senator’s office vehemently denied. “The Republican establishment just sold us out,” Stockman wrote, in the profanity-laced email. “This is war.”

Mitch has no memory of the words We the People. Like the Democrats Mitch’s mo is we look out for our own best interests (the elite)and snooker the American people into voting for us time and time again.

Pelosi on the other hand gets behind every terrible policy the Democrats come up with especially when they get their candidate elected President. They back theirs no matter what. When Pelosi says jump they say how high.Mitch has no such loyalty, especially for a President like Trump who answers to the people who elected him.

Did the Republican party fight for Trump when he was being investigated for collusion that never happened? Did they stand up for him when he was impeached? Did they speak up about Jan 6 or let the Democrats and their media write the narrative?

I guess now the Republican party knows what they’re dealing with here. They’ve been stabbed in the back. We’ve been stabbed in the back.I should say some in the party have been stabbed. God knows some of them are swamp like Mitch.

Mitch did to Trump what he did to the Tea Party. Use them for an election and betray them the first chance he had. I didn’t expect Mitch to go as far as he did supporting Biden though.

McConnell supported a Biden priority to blow $550 billion on his ‘infrastructure’ bill but it gets worse.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell [earlier] vowed he would not allow a replay of that October, when Republicans provided 11 votes to temporarily increase the debt limit. Democrats were expected to use the budget process and reconciliation to raise the debt ceiling without GOP votes.

After Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wasted the last two months on failed efforts to pass Democratic wish-list items like national early and mail-in voting, McConnell has again agreed to save the Democratic leader from himself.

Now McConnell has betrayed the Republican party and the American people. After everything he’s done this should be the last straw.He went back on his word.

I haven’t included all the Trump back stabbing he did in between and the election Mitch screwed up in Georgia. Mitch has been more supportive of Biden than he ever was of Trump. Time for McConnell to resign, retire and roll out.What does it say about the Republicans who kept voting for him as a ‘leader’?