Little Did I Know (the tornado outbreak of Dec 10-11.2021)

Ryan Hall and others were warning about a major tornado outbreak due to take place on Dec 10-11. Ryan had been point out the massive amount of what he calls Nader Juice in the enhanced risk area. Nader Juice is his simple way of putting what are the ingredients for tornadoes to form. He uses several different models to forecast. His message was prepare now.

I checked with the storm prediction center and they had an enhanced risk for the area.

My husband and i tuned in to Ryan’s live coverage. I’m the ‘weather weanie’ so the husband had no choice at this point. I was going to watch on our Roku no matter what. Little did we know we would be watching radar coverage of one of the most devastating & historic tornado outbreaks we had seen in our lifetime.

You know by the radar how devastating it’s going to be but you can’t really characterize it until you see the actual aftermath. Then it hits you. All those radars are people’s lives being turned upside down or destroyed totally.

What you hope for is that they took Ryan’s words seriously. Prepare now-days ahead-not then.

We will have to pull together like we American people always do and help these people in whatever ways each of us can. Prayers never hurt either.

The question authorities are asking now, are what are the lessons learned? We Americans do well at using lessons learned to react to disasters. Unfortunately i believe that is one of our problems that no matter what the problem is; we tend to be reactive not proactive. It’s always after the event.

I have one and every time i do one of the blog entries on weather preparedness it is this:


The next step is have a plan and execute it but that IS the next step.

Check with the storm prediction center. You may not understand all the weather particulars of the report but you can understand the images rating the probabilities of a risk in your area. Storm Prediction Center

Check your local weather reports daily. That takes 5 minutes.

We have a midland weather radio with an alert feature. They are not necessarily expensive. It depends on how much you want to invest. I’d have one with battery back up in case of a power outage. Nearly everyone has a cell phone-we don’t use ours except in case of a power outage-and you can set it up for a weather alert. Have some way of getting word especially if an event is forecast to happen at night.You may not want to be sleeping but if you must at least have some way to get warned. Nocturnal Tornadoes are the most dangerous. You can’t see them. Same goes for a rain wrapped tornado.

Anyone who watched Ryan’s Dec. 9 video were getting good advice. PREPARE NOW.

You have the storm prediction center, your local weather reports, the weather channel and there are people like Ryan Hall you can watch as well. Between all these sources you should have a decent idea of what’s coming and time to get ready.

I hate to say this but the thing that puzzled me most is why the businesses in these areas were open.

You’d only have to close down for a day or two at the most.Yes, sometimes the forecasters are wrong and the models may end up being off a hair but they can be wrong 50x- they only have to be right once. Over the years the technology to predict weather has vastly improved and they’ve gotten far more accurate than they were in the past. The radars work better these days than they ever did in the past,though not perfect. There are 2 types of tornado observation: one is radar indicated. They’ve spotted the parameters for a tornado on radar. The other is observed tornado and that means it has been visually spotted. Doesn’t matter which way they see it. You have a tornado.

The main lesson then is BE WEATHER AWARE. Next, HAVE A
PLAN and do a drill with your family so that when the time comes you’re on auto pilot. Rather than panic you know what to do. Finally ALLOW ENOUGH TIME to execute the plan. Say for example you live in a mobile home or less sturdy structure you may want to get to your designated area ahead of time. You have plans to go to a friends, family or shelter go way ahead of time and no later than the tornado WATCH. When the warning comes up you only have minutes, maybe only seconds. You’re not going to be trying to get there when the danger is imminent. A vehicle is equally dangerous.

BTW. We’re not storm chasers or wanna be storm chasers. We are not going to try getting pictures or video. No picture is worth your life.

As always go to the lowest part of your home. The best place is a basement or storm shelter-if you have one. The next best is the innermost area of your house-a bathroom or closet-with as much space between you and the outside tornadic activity as possible (structurally sound walls)and whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS!

The truth is a storm shelter or basement is the safest spot with an EF3 or higher. You’re better off being underground. You are in a terrible position if you are in a mobile home or vehicle. This is why i keep saying have somewhere else to go and plan on it well in advance. A closet or bathroom away from windows is the 2nd best option if there’s no other choice. Some people may have the option to get out of the enhanced risk area altogether IF it’s done well in advance. Tornadoes don’t give anyone the evacuation option you have with a hurricane but if you are weather aware you would be able to leave in advance of a potential outbreak. The problem there is that it is potential so it depends on whether you’d rather leave than chance it. BTW. They do manufacture in home storm shelters. If i lived in tornado or dixie alley i would definitely invest in a basement or approved storm shelter.

Keep this in mind though; TORNADOES CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE,ANYTIME given the right ingredients. Tornado and Dixie Alley are most likely to get those ingredients but it doesn’t mean they can’t occur anywhere else.

Helmets if you have them-a mattress as cover. Flashlights with good batteries. It’s like a smoke alarm; if i has no batteries or dead ones it does you no good. Flashlights because if there’s a tornado or severe storm you are definitely going to lose power. A charged cell phone is a good idea. We keep a first aide kit and flashlight in our basement as well as on our first floor. A tornado can happen anywhere/anytime. All it requires is the right conditions. PERIOD. Don’t be scared, be prepared.

Be weather aware and have a plan. Panic doesn’t help.”On the other hand being complacent and not being weather aware could cost you your life. Weather vs man,weather wins every time.Weather is a very powerful force; don’t take it lightly.

Again, let’s help these folks. It’s all hard to fathom. i can’t say i know what they’re going through. i don’t. All we can do is help in whatever ways we are able, small or large. Personally or from a distance. Doesn’t matter. if the most you can offer is prayer those prayers are really needed.

Little did i know this live stream was the event in progress

Later on tonight will be posting a blog entry i was working on re Mitch McConnell. Set it aside for the time being. Could he possibly bow out by retiring? These people stay in Congress until they have 1 foot in the grave. He can bow out as gracefully as possible by retiring. The gist of the entry is that he has to leave and  not let the door hit him in the behind on the way out. Will try to be kind though.

Will GOP FINALLY Grow a Spine & WIN? | Jim Jordan | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 128 – YouTube Trump/Jordan 2024

Will GOP FINALLY Grow a Spine & WIN? | Jim Jordan | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 128 – You Tube


The media couldn’t do the story on the Hunter Biden laptop because they weren’t sure it was factual(true) and would interfere with the election. What about the Russia Hoax? They assisted in it.

You can call it cancel culture or any other name; the REAL name for it is communism. Cancel culture sounds better. Typical verbal engineering from the left.

Will GOP FINALLY Grow a Spine & WIN? | Jim Jordan | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 128 – YouTube