Let go of the tether…



A tether is “a rope, chain, strap, or cord for keeping an animal within a certain radius.” It can also be used for objects (hence we have tetherball) and to keep infants safe with a car seat in a car. Basically, it’s a restraint system. Why am I defining this? I have been doing some soul-searching lately. What am I tethered to? One of the things that keeps running through all the philosophies rampant on the internet is that we need to focus on God and God alone. God wins, in the end.

London’s Chrystal Palace

We are just regular people. Like George Carlin would say, “There’s a big club and you ain’t in it”! And we should question everything. Absolutely everything. If you look into the late 1800s construction style, you have to scratch your head. No electric or power tools. The roads are still dirt and most…

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Three Headlines Noticeably Missing

the Jesse Smollett trial, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and the Alec Baldwin warrant. The Smollett trial only proves the media is corrupt and stupid. The Maxwell trial is revealing of a horrid and depraved group of people-i’m waiting to see how far and wide the circle of people goes first. As for Alec Baldwin, there isn’t much to add. i don’t do click bait so that’s out. i am concerned about our useless fake President and the threats we face because of him. Those are in the not too distant future namely a confrontation with China,Russia and Iran. They would never have tried it with Trump in office and he had the situations under control. Biden reversed policies and here we are; more disasters looming.

“Elections have consequences, and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.”

Devin Nunes Will Leave Congress To Become CEO Of Trump’s Media Company

TOPLINE Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), a high-profile lawmaker and ally of former President Donald Trump, is retiring from Congress at the end of the year to become the chief executive of Trump’s new media venture, Trump Media & Technology Group.

Nunes will start his new role in January, TMTG said in a press release Monday.

House Intelligence Committee Continues Open Impeachment Hearings

The lawmaker said in a letter to his constituents Monday he is leaving the House of Representatives at the end of 2021 to pursue a “new opportunity.”