Worst. President. Ever.

Try to imagine a President doing a worse job than Joe Biden. Think about how that would even be possible. Would they have to set the White House on fire while vomiting on Boris Johnson? Maybe a President in a Nyquil-induced stupor trying to start a nuclear war with Canada? Jimmy Carter on his worst day couldn’t hold a candle Joe Biden on his best, provided Biden ends up having a best day.


The people that voted for Biden deserve what they get. Unfortunately the rest of us have to suffer as much as they do.The one bright spot in this is that we all know the truth.Joe didn’t really win, Trump did, That means their weren’t as many people who voted for him as claimed; the supposed 81 million really ignorant people. BTW, it’s a great opinion piece by Derek Hunter. Hope you read it!

The Real Coup/Insurrection. It Started in 2016.Where’s the Committee? 🦗

Did the rep or spokesperson-whatever he is-from the DOJ make you as irate as he did me?

He’s just nasty and you can tell from his demeanor, his attitude and his words it’s all political; he’s just dying to see the Trump supporters get nailed at the behest of his boss Joe. ALL Trump supporters. Biden is so corrupt that in the end they will try to come for all of us whether we had anything to do with the Capitol break in or not. Remember the DOJ is trying to nail parents as domestic terrorists. They are that crazy and this cretin speaking for them is proof.

Before we talk about the Jan 6 break in let’s talk about Antifa and BLM,the real insurrection.

A NY Times Ad from Antifa posted on page 5 in 2017


The headline from the Newsweek article reads

Antifa’ Rallies on November 4 Aim to Remove Trump From White House


Source: https://www.newsweek.com/antifa-rallies-november-4-promise-remove-trump-white-house-700406

We all remember the riots,assaults,vandalism, arson,murder and chaos after Trump was elected don’t we?

Antifa wasn’t hiding their goal. They wanted Trump out of office by all means necessary. Biden,Harris and the media defended them.Of course they did. They were all on the same page. The Harris staff even bailed the members out when they were arrested.

Andy Ngo is a reporter who has covered Antifa extensively. Here’s what happened to Mr Ngo when he encountered Antifa on the ground

“I just got beat up by the crowd — no police at all — in the middle of the street,” journalist Andy Ngo said in an online post. “And stole my GoPro. And they punched me several times in my face and head, and I’m bleeding.”


It’s worth noting it wasn’t easy to find an article about Antifa, their activities and quotes because the search engines brought up articles mainly reporting that Trump was paranoid about Antifa and engaged in conspiracy theories. i’m sure there were articles out there that covered Antifa but you’d be hard pressed to find them.It’s like they’re trying to provide cover for the group.

St. John’s Episcopal Church, historic church next to the White House, set on fire  · 

Numerous Secret Service agents were injured, fires set by rioters blazed near the White House and authorities were searching for car bombs late Sunday as protests over the death of George Floyd continued to roil the capital just two days after President Trump had to be taken to a bunker for his safety.

A senior official in the direct chain of command for defending Washington D.C. told Fox News of the injuries to Secret Service agents, some of whom were hurt by rioters throwing bottles and Molotov cocktails in Lafayette Park, just across from the presidential residence. The official initially put the number of agents injured at over 50, but that may have referred to the weekend toll; the Secret Service has since said the number injured on Sunday was 14.


Where was the special committee to investigate a real insurrection? They were too busy engaged in a coup of their own. The FBI and DOJ have had to cover it up since then, because they were involved.

Videos of pallets of bricks appearing in major cities where protests are taking place are appearing all over social media. This is leading many to believe some group or entity is setting up the protests to become violent. The main suspect seems to be ANTIFA groups who are usually covertly funded by non profit 501C3 groups, many linked to radical billionaire leftist activist George Soros. Social media also captured a Caucasian ANTIFA member, handing out money to young African American* protesters in NYC.

The Q Shaman was handed[ just shy of] 4 yr in prison for obstruction and all he did was wander around the Capitol Building that day.

*any chance we can stop using the term :African American?