I’m putting together a blog entry re George Soros. Bear with me, my mouse is shot.It’s seriously hard to control. The keyboard is no better. Sometimes the s, n and w keys stick. You can add on an extra hour or 2 for the time it takes to get an entry done.

You folks probably know exactly who Soros is. He’s a decrepit old guy with a ton of money, a hatred of the United States and a messianic complex; although he is a self loathing Jew. He’s been interfering in our politics for years but now he is getting Americans killed. i do not understand why this man has never been targeted by our Intel agencies.

You find a liberal American city with a crime wave and you can be sure Soros is behind it. He’s best buddies with the Clinton’s and Obama’s and probably Biden as well. I’m collecting the receipts and including them in the entry. I won’t be able to wrap it up till tonight and it may not show up until tomorrow, depending on how late it is when i get to it.

i’m also taking the donate buttons out tonight. I said i would only run it till the end of Nov or when i hit 200.00 whichever came first. It certainly wasn’t the 200.00 goal. i want to thank the 2 readers who each contributed 5.00. It was greatly appreciated. Meant a lot to me. Unfortunately you were the only 2 but it made me feel good knowing somebody thought the blog was worth an investment. i’ve been paying for a pro account for 3 yrs now. I’m not so sure i’ll be able to continue when this sub runs out in a few months. I did give my word though that the donation button was temporary and when the month was up it was done. We’re in the first week of December already and only 3 weeks away from Christmas.

This wonderful year of Our Lord 2021 will soon be over. We’ll be one year closer to getting Biden out. I’m with you-the majority of the American people-i wish he were out now. He was installed, not elected. There’s no way on earth he had 81 million votes!

Let’s thank God we’ve survived the illegitimate presidency so far. Let’s be honest. It’s been a horrible year. Of course, Soros backed Biden just like he backed Obama and Hillary. He’s likely pulling the strings. i don’t doubt for a second that he’s been backing Antifa and BLM. The CCP iis pulling Biden’s strings as well. i’m sure they have plenty of dirt on him just like they do Eric Swalwell. I bet there are others. It doesn’t matter if there’s an R or D in front of their name. If they’re bankrolled by China they have no business in office. Biden and his media are corrupt to their core. Trump was right when he called the media an enemy of the people. The left believes their lies because they want to. They don’t care that they’re lied to.It’s a good thing we do or we’d have no chance of surviving.

Soros is going to be the focus for now. We’ll get to Biden’s ties to China soon enough.