When Pres Trump was banned on Twitter there was a decision to make. Leave in protest or dig in and defend him.

The upside was the parallel economy that Dan Bongino kept talking about sprang up. He put his money where his mouth was and invested in Parler.

I stayed on Twitter and joined all the other sites, Parler,Gab,Mewe and later on, Gettr.I’ve also signed up for Pres Trump’s platform that is supposed to open in Janurary.

Then Twitter banned me. To this day i have no idea why. In fact, i was trying to stay out of trouble as much as possible. I had 10k followers under the account name @theratzpack. I was out for months and then i decided to get back in. Yep, got back in. @angela_cherri. What a name. Supposedly French. Pulled it out of thin air.This time i decided i was not going to go out of my way to stay out of trouble. Darned near everything i tweeted had ‘ban me’ written all over it and they didn’t.

A few days ago the rich weirdo, Dorsey,stepped down as CEO and they sent in their chief tech officer Parag Agrawal. Jack [Dorsey] is weird but Parag is going to be brutal.When i learned he did not support free speech and made a point of saying it publicly that was the last straw. i thought it over for a few days and decided it was time to exit.

We don’t need Twitter. They need us more than we need them. i wish i could convince every single MAGA Trump supporter and/or conservative as well as any freedom loving individual to leave Twitter and let it die. We could make good use of the time wasted there supporting the new alternative social media platforms like Parler and Gettr then eventually Trump’s. The left will go crazy gas lighting themselves. More power to them. Why are we holding up Twitter. It’s on life support. Time to let it go. In fact, it’s the perfect time to let it go.Chances are if you’re not cautious you will end up banned. You’ll find me at gettr as @theratzpack again.

I spent Thanksgiving Day with our doggie. My husband went to Virginia to spend the week with his son. He had the best time. After everything he went through over the previous Thanksgiving in a hospital and eventually nursing home he deserved the special time with his son. He met his grandkids for the first time. It’s a long story and doesn’t matter at this point.We were married in 93. Actually we were married twice.Once by a justice and once in a sacramental wedding in the Catholic Church.[He had to get an annulment first.] I won’t lie-it hasn’t been smooth sailing but loyalty is everything and his being ill/disabled has a lot of bearing on my decision to stay. No, there is not another person in my life. Never has been. Fidelity is one of those things that are understood in marriage. It’s a matter of staying with someone because you don’t abandon them in a time of need. i owe him privacy too so i won’t be going into detail. As they say these days, it’s complicated. i do have these wonderful pictures to share. His son had a chance to take care of dad and that is a memory he will grow fond of. Dad had the best time he’s had in a long time.

His son is single and he’s one terrific guy so if any young ladies love fishing like he does he’d be a real catch (pun intended). He works nearly all the time but spends the rest of his time fishing. No exaggeration. The kids are his brothers. He’s never been married.

I was thinking tonight how this year is almost over. Thank God really. i don’t know how much more of Biden we can stand. On the bright side we’re getting closer to 2022 and 2 yrs after that we can vote for Trump again. If Biden were true to his word he’d step down but now he has excuses so that’s not going to happen. I wish there were a way to make it right. Trump won. Biden lost. If Pence could have found the courage to do the right thing we wouldn’t be in our current situation. And no i was not at the Capitol that day -or the rally-or in DC. I’ve got news for these people-74 million of us ALL feel that way.

What’s truly ironic is that Stacy Abrams has claimed she was cheated and was elected Governor of Georgia. Hillary Clinton has sworn she won and was cheated since 2016. Both of these ladies are full of crap and they’re not banned or chastised by the media. Donald Trump actually won and was cheated but he’s the one who got banned.

The Supreme Court has taken up the Mississippi laws on abortion. The left–pro abortion advocates-are furious. Their worst fear is that Roe V Wade and the Casey ruling will be overturned. Can you imagine being a person that determined to make sure innocent human life is snuffed out and calling it a right? The decision to make abortion legal was based solely on the SUBJECTIVE opinion of a few people. Can you wrap your head around people wanting to kill a baby and not thinking twice that 63 million plus have already been killed? How do they sleep? They get all kinds of financial support-donors to ‘the cause’. Plus the fees paid for the abortions- then the government takes taxpayer money(our money)and uses that to fund abortion even though we’re pro life.Picture the left screaming at the sky if the government took taxpayer money to fund the NRA! That would be the day,right?

They call it healthcare. You have to do an awful lot of verbal engineering to come up with that one. Pregnancy is a condition not an illness or disease. The fetus is not an organ. Yes, the ‘right’ to an abortion was a subjective opinion; it is not a right found in the Constitution. The right to life is. It’s THE most fundamental. All the other rights depend on that one.

I’m not one that supports having a time period, that is a trimester, when it’s ok or not ok. Abortion is either a right or it isn’t. Abortion is either taking an innocent human life or it isn’t. If you use a subjective opinion to determine when it’s ok or not ok it’s going to be all over the map. Some people will say it’s at 6 weeks, others 4 months, full term or even at birth [infanticide] and every time in between. This is not something you put on a time table.

Life begins at conception and ends at natural death. That’s an OBJECTIVE TRUTH. We can have that debate. The court can only decide if abortion is a protected right in the Constitution. If it’s not there, it’s not there. IMHO and this is a subjective opinion only, i think we become better persons if we learn to make the tough decisions.

Did you get to see the Trump interview with Nigel Farage? Fantastic. Nigel is quite the person in his own right. He and Trump share a common point in history don’t they?

If i can ever find it on Rumble i’ll post it here.

Pres Trump is such a good man. He won the 2020 election. Biden was installed. The Democrats know it, their media knows it. It’s one thing to get a terrible person like Biden in office. It’s worse because the election was corrupt. Right up Joe’s alley. I see no way out but i do know we have to turn out in huge numbers again in 2022 and put Pres Trump in his rightful place as the 47 President of the United States. i wish it were now but 2024 is better than never. China owns Biden. They’ve got plenty on him and his creepy son Hunter.

Meantime we have to fight every battle we have to save what we can. It will help if we get as many MAGA candidates as possible in 2022. We may not get them all, but we can try.

We can make our own history the day we do Twexit and let Twitter crash and burn. Consider the echo chamber of stupid on Twitter with the radical libs and Marxists being the only ones there!! If all the patriots left i’d give it a month,if that.Seriously. Lotts of MAGA people on Parler and Gettr. You can always join one or the other or BOTH.

there is life after Twitter