Why Some Are Crying Foul Over the Sentence Antifa Activist Received After Attack on GOP Senator’s Office

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Monday highlighted the sentencing differences given across the country based apparently on political ideology.  Speaking with Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, Carlson said the QAnon Shamam will get three years behind bars for entering the Capitol building on Jan. 6., but a criminal who smashed a GOP senator’s office with an axe faced a relatively light punishment. 

Why Some Are Crying Foul Over the Sentence Antifa Activist Received After Attack on GOP Senator’s Office

Omicron (haven’t brought up Covid for a long time. DELIBERATELY)

i was calling the new variant the Botswana virus because this omicron name was just ridiculous.Now i feel badly for calling it the Botswana virus. Yes, the variant began there or at least was first discovered there but that name isn’t entirely accurate. It may be a variant but it’s still the China virus or Wuhan Virus.

We’re still arguing over face masks. Unfortunately we will have nazi’s on both sides of the fence. The non compliant are sometimes as crazy as the you must wear a mask nazi’s. Live and let live. If the non complaint bother you, keep your distance. Our doctor’s office requires a mask so i put it on right before i go in and take it off as soon as i’m out the door.It’s no big deal unless we make it one.

Yes,you can breathe. Doctors and nurses routinely wear masks,notably during surgery. If you’re not sure if it affects your breathing, get an oximeter. They’re not expensive. It measures your oxygen level.

:I like the Dan Bongino philosophy, “You do you, i’ll do me”.

Vax or no vax? Talk to your pcp. Make up your own mind based on YOUR circumstances and medical profile. Maybe you’re opposed due to religious convictions. That’s important. Your right to practice your faith is protected. You can’t be forced to violate your conscience.

I believe in being cautious. i do not believe in mandates; they do not work. Not everyone is going to comply. Everyone’s circumstances are different.Again and i keep stressing this, talk to YOUR doctor.He/she knows your health history.

I’m not opposed to vaccines. i am opposed to mandates.Big difference.

I take 2 vitamin D3 caplets every day. Once in the morning,once at night. We also have a box of pedialyte immune system packets[a powder] and mix it in with bottled water. There can’t possibly be an argument over building up the immune system,right? Covid or no covid.

i’m not a doctor or nurse so i have no business giving out medical advice.

i know one thing for sure; Fauci has to go. The fact that Fauci was funding GOF research at the Wuhan lab, lied about it and tried to cover up for it is reason enough for him to get the boot. The other reason is because he believes he is beyond criticism. He’s no scientist. Every scientist knows their theories are up for scrutiny and new information can disprove them. That’s basic science; acknowledging its limits.

Nobody but nobody should be fooling with gain of function research. It’s a pandora’s box. It must be fairly obvious by now.Trump is right. The CCP should be held accountable. Maybe he ought to consider that Fauci and anyone else in our government who participated bears some culpability.

#WeartheDamnMask was trending on Twitter. Question; is there a point where conditions will be safe enough that we don’t have to wear a mask? That’ a fair question. If we wear the mask is there a time we won’t have to wear the mask? Is there data showing a mask is effective to stop covid and its variants?

I quit writing about Covid deliberately because i was saying the same points over and over;but mainly because i was sick of the arguing and lack of solid information. It got too politicized to be worth talking about anymore. When Trump was President Biden and Harris didn’t think the vaccines were safe and opposed them. When Biden was installed it was miraculous. The vaccines were perfectly safe.

i concluded Fauci was one evil little dude who craved publicity. We need someone in charge of the CDC looking out for the best interests of the country. Conclusion: you can hardly get any good info.Like i said,talk to your trusted family doctor. Everything else is just too crazy. Last entry on Covid. PERIOD. I’m done.