Liberalism is Stupid (not hard to come to the conclusion)

Did you see the news report where Californians have had it with their DA and plan to recall him?

According to reports, more and more prosecutors in San Francisco are willingly walking away from their jobs, joining the effort to recall the progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin, a radical leftist backed by billionaire George Soros.The pressure is mounting for San Francisco embattled District Attorney Chesa Boudin. His job is on the line as 83,000 people signed a petition to recall him — including two of his former prosecutors.

More San Francisco DA’s quitting, joining effort to recall Chesa Boudin (

The news report framed it as even liberal Democrats are saying it’s (i take it that means the crime surge especially looting;organized and otherwise) not what they signed up for. Maybe they did say that-possible. Unfortunately it is exactly what they signed up for.

The problem with liberalism it always SOUNDS good. It works out well theoretically. It makes you feel fantastic. You’re convinced you’re doing a good thing. In reality the consequences are enormous. There is evil in the world. Some people are criminals and those same people will get away with whatever you let them. The compassion and tolerance you feel towards them is lost on them. I’m not saying a criminal cannot be rehabilitated or have a life changing event but when the criminal element is looting in your neighborhood or murdering innocent people in your neighborhood this compassion would be better directed at the victims.

There’s some other really fantastic liberal ideas that have impacted Democrat run cities.

Defund the police and back Antifa/BLM.

Consequence: a huge spike in crime and violence.

How about Biden and his liberal/marxist policies?

Consequence: Inflation, product shortages,bottlenecked supply chain, high gas prices exacerbating the effects of inflation,invasion of the U.S. on the border and racial tensions off the charts.

Biden is detached mentally but he gets that the purpose of these destructive economic and social policies is to destroy the United States. Know what Build Back Better actually means? If you’re going to build anything back better you have to destroy it first. He’s using the stupid phrase for a reason. You don’t have to be a genius to destroy a country.

Biden is too corrupt to care. He’s always been corrupt.

i keep hearing pundits say people didn’t know what they were getting with Biden.

Not buying it. Yes, they did. At least the people who didn’t let the lying media gas light them and did their own research. The rest got duped but had they been paying attention they wouldn’t have been duped. However, the liberals voted for him knowing exactly what he would do:1.he wasn’t Trump 2. the election was rigged. 3. the large Tech giants got behind him. i ask you-who doesn’t vote to re-elect a President who has a fantastic economy? You do what you promised you would do & your economic policies are working you get re-elected. Trump got something like 12 million more votes or maybe it was 14 million more (it’s one or the other; off the top of my head here) in 2020 than he did in 2016. No way he lost. Biden was installed. It’s the first election i have ever questioned. You can’t tell me these people weren’t corrupt enough to steal an election after everything else they pulled-and are STILL pulling.For God’s sake i wish people would wake up and stop saying Trump is lying about it. Why do you think he’was banned on social media? 

Liberalism sounds good in theory. It’s lousy in practice especially when it’s the door to Marxism. First, they have to attack our founding principles. Why do you think they were removing all those statues? They indoctrinate the youth so they’re not aware of how dangerous marxism is and detach them from reality.They rot the culture from the inside out.

So now there’s more than 2 genders, same sex partners can be married, you can pick your gender and change it, the police are murdering black people, our Constitution is outdated [meaning our laws don’t matter anymore], abortion-killing the unborn-is a right, we should strive for equity not equality, the nuclear family & real marriage is a thing of the past,. Above all the end justifies the means. What is the end? A Marxist Utopia because the experts will get it right this time. Meanwhile the people Joe has appointed are the most incompetent and clueless people any President has ever picked. Worse, Joe has finished politicizing the agencies like the FBI and totally weaponized them to the point we’re in a police state. I say finished because Obama had already started it. People are calling our FBI the Gestapo. i call it the KGB. It’s a shame. They’re destroyed one of most respected institutions of law enforcement. When the law enforcers believe they are above the law, the nation becomes lawless. We’ve seen mob rule over high profile cases when our standard has always been the highest of any in the world. Innocent until proven guilty. Thankfully the 2 juries we had didn’t buckle to mob rule. Kyle was as innocent as the Aubrey perps were guilty.

The clincher is that the Democrats were doing everything they accused Trump of. The media was a co-conspirator in the coup against Trump-and to this day cover for Joe. The liberals are good at that. Accuse you of what they are doing.

Before a lib decides to leave a rant against this entry they should know i was a liberal. i get it. I was wearing those rose colored glasses from 18 on. The one good movement from 1960-1970 was the Civil Rights Movement led by Rev Martin Luther King. The left has even left him in the dust. The one thing i never expected to see rise from liberalism was the acceptance of Marxism.Yes. I was a stupid liberal.


One thing i’ve always been very good at is sizing people up. For what it’s worth i believe that Pres. Trump is a really nice, warm and caring person. He just doesn’t take crap and is always outspoken. Joe Biden,on the other hand, is a really nasty person they peddled as decent and down to earth. He was the racist,not Trump. Look at Joe’s past record and associations. All you need to know. The flaw that hurt Trump, even though he had many successes for the country, ,is that he was too trusting. He knew,like we did, that DC was a swamp and the Deep State actually existed. What many of us didn’t realize was how deep and wide the corruption was. Who could he trust? Too few. Some of the people we thought were decent people turned out to be players. No wonder he kept his family around him. When he wins in 24 i think he will apply the lessons he learned from 2020. He does have an ego but he also genuinely loves our country and the folks on Main street that he worked so hard for. Truth is, anyone who runs for President and believes they are qualified has an ego.They would have to. He loves America and her people. I can overlook the ego.It never got in the way of  his getting the job done. We need him back now but i doubt there’s a way. I see nothing in the Constitution that provides for it and wishful thinking won’t make it happen. Sad.

Marl Levin. Leftist Looters Are Terrorizing America, From Blaze TV. Mark Levin was one of the few-maybe the only one-to call out the left for what they were,MARXISTS. He was onto spygate almost from the beginning. The man is a true patriot with a steel spine. He’s never minced words or been afraid to speak the truth. God bless him!! Now, if the Republicans would follow his example we’d be in good shape.

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