Did everyone have a special Thanksgiving Holiday?

I hope everyone took a breather and simply enjoyed the day. I’m thinking now we have a whole weekend to chill.Everyone get away from politics for awhile? Nice, wasn’t it? Enjoy the traditions your family always shares or create some new ones this time around? We do have a lot to be thankful for don’t we? We don’t always carry that spirit of gratitude into our every day lives-and that includes me. Am i the only one who is not a big fan of turkey and fixed ham instead?

My husband left last Saturday to spend a week with his son including Thanksgiving. It sounds like he had a great time and is heading back home as i write this. It’s a long trip and am praying for a safe one for them.At least it isn’t snowing today and the roads are bare.

His son is bringing him. He’ll stay the night and leave early in the morning. I’m going to fix cream of onion soup for their meal; imagine it won’t be until 8 or 9 tonight. Maybe later. They’ll be hungry and exhausted both.

I spent the week trying to clean all 1k square feet of house. It’s from a wheelchair. I have to plan out how to do everything. It takes twice the time and 3x the effort than it used to. i can stand for very brief periods. The whole business wears me out. Thank God it’s a temporary situation. As far as i know at least.

I was thinking today about the stolen election and how people get on anyone’s case who makes the claim. Pres Trump was banned from social media for making the claim. If it was a lie then all they had to do was call him out and PROVE him wrong. People fear truth. If it were a lie they’d have nothing to be concerned about. Trump would be exposed. End of story. Remember these are the same people who hid the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. The same people who did the Russia Hoax to help the Clinton campaign. The same people who kept reminding us we might not know the election results on Nov 3. Tell me there wasn’t something fishy about all of it, including the water line break in Georgia that turned out to be bunk. Ooops,right? Wrong. It was a lie.

You see they didn’t have to cheat in all 50 states. Anyone who thinks they didn’t cheat because it would be impossible to pull it off in 50 states doesn’t get that they didn’t have to. All they had to do was cheat in the critical swing states-which is exactly what they did. Cheat is a broad term to generalize all the different ways they pulled it off.We all saw it on Nov 3rd. Pelosi knows. Biden possibly knows-thought it’s hard to tell if he’s mentally able to comprehend anything. Harris knows. Most of the Democrats know. The media definitely knows. They’ve been trying to help the Dems take out Trump since 2016 and covered for Biden throughout the election . Still are.

I was thinking about the Supreme Court today because they didn’t seem to want to touch the election problems with a 50 foot pole. They seem weak in the knees most of the time, except for Thomas who always sticks to principle. Even the conservative justices have been buckling-not unlike Roberts who always does. What’s up with that? The Democrats have threatened to pack the court. They’ve been hanging it over the Supreme Court since they grabbed power.

There is a way out. LET THEM.. Call their bluff. Do they think the American people will stand for it? Not a chance. They also know the 2022 races are coming. They have to know it would cost them and the Republicans would be in a position to pack the court themselves .i doubt it’s a road they want to go down. What is giving the Democrats their power is the threat. They don’t even have to do anything as long as they keep the threat out there. Time to end it.As long as they have this threat they have control of the court anyway. End it.

You know how i know Biden was installed, not elected? The cabal was corrupt enough to do it. You mean to tell me after all the crap they had already pulled and much of it ILLEGALLY they wouldn’t do whatever they needed to do to stop Trump? You mean to tell me they were all for a free and fair election? They got all the numbers they needed for a Biden “win”. They just weren’t ready for the landslide he had-i think that took them by surprise so they had more numbers to make up for than they counted on but they were determined and managed.

They illegally changed voting laws in some states. Keep that in mind; it was ILLEGALLY. They cut a lot of corners to make cheating/fraud easy. The Republicans are now saying let’s make voting easier and fraud harder . The Democrats are still determined to make the 2020 ‘rules’ permanent.

Why? Because it failed or because it worked?

ALL the Republicans should have stood up for Trump and election integrity. Mike Pence should have refused to certify the election. It would have taken a lot of courage & likely caused a crisis but look where we are now. Crisis after crisis after crisis anyway. All Biden’s doing.

If you think Biden was honestly elected and got 81 million votes-with more of the black vote than Obama-you let me know,k?