Hope Everyone Had a Wonderful Dinner-Wonderful Day. Took Day Off from Politics Here

I also hope anyone who spent the day alone or wasn’t blessed with a home cooked meal found some blessing they could be thankful for. It’s always good to spend another day living in a country where we have such a holiday to give thanks to God.I let the politics go for the day. I even had a nice phone call from a family member some distance away and that made my day. Fortunately we never discuss politics.

It’s none of my business so i don’t bring it up to him and he doesn’t bring it up to me. i don’t think it’s that important to him. If he wasn’t a family member i might delve into it. i always cut slack for family. I trust that he makes the best decisions. He’s a thoughtful person with more smarts upstairs than i have.

While it was a dreary day here;dark and rainy as if it were night time all day here i had some blog topics rolling around in my head.. I have the title for one and so far it’s sticking.

Liberalism is Stupid.

The blog entry to follow is going to be why i am absolutely convinced Trump won the 2020 election. I’m more convinced now than ever. I’ve never questioned any election, until the election of 2020.Whether it was a Democrat or Republican. i didn’t even buy the birther story. Obama was legitimately elected. Period. i didn’t vote for him. Got stuck with Romney (eye roll) and McCain who ran a terrible campaign. Obama was popular. i doubt anyone could have beat him-plus he carried the black vote and neither Republican candidate could come close. The 2 Republican candidates weren’t that great so i think i can assume some people just didn’t bother to vote. i did-now i’m not sure why i bothered. We can’t afford to do that in 2022 or 2024.Every eligible voter must vote. In large numbers. We vote, we win.

This is unlike the Democrats who question every Republican election and really played dirty pool in 2016 and 2020.

Anyway, it’s back to politics Friday.

The antidote to the disaster known as Build Back Better.