A Hope For You & Yours

Put all your worldly cares on hold and give thanks to Almighty God for another day of life, for the friends and family you have or had and enough to eat for the day. Give Him thanks for being blessed to live in this great country and know that it’s not totally defined by the people in the highest offices but the patriots like you who have made it great through the ages.It’s a day set aside to give thanks for these gifts-enjoy and leave rancor, grievances and difficult topics for another day. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!

Hoping for a blessed and safe holiday for all of you!

Tucker Carlson Has the Best Response to the Never Trump Fit Over His Jan. 6 Special – Nwo Report

We that two of the Never Trump brigade – Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg – officially resigned as contributors to Fox News over Tucker Carlson’s new January 6th special.

Perhaps one of the funniest things that people said about that news was that they didn’t even know that the two were still even appearing on Fox, which only goes to show how much anyone paid any attention to them.