From Liberal Democrat to Conservative Trump Supporter

We had a wonderful childhood that gave me memories to cherish forever. Dad was a WWII vet. Mom was a stay at home housewife/mother for the longest time.. i believe they were lower middle class who would never be rich but would never be poor either.

We were well provided for(food, clothing and a roof over our heads) but we would never have everything we wanted. We learned the value of hearing the words no- dad would say money doesn’t grow on trees.

The one thing dad really insisted on was our getting a good education. You came home from school and you didn’t do anything else until your homework was done. We attended a small Catholic school taught by nuns. We attended Mass every single morning before classes began.

On Sundays dad made sure the whole family attended Mass together. The only day we didn’t have to get up and attend Mass was Saturday. We had to learn our prayers and know the Baltimore Catechism inside and out.

One of the nuns at the convent gave my brother and me piano lessons though he stuck with it longer than i did. i was far more interested in playing outdoors than homework and the discipline of learning piano. My brother was far more interested in books and excelling in school. i could characterize my brother as scholarly and myself as adventurous and that would be entirely accurate.

We had lots of friends because it was that kind of atmosphere in a small Catholic school. Some of the kids we went to school with also lived in the neighborhood. We were expected to clean up our rooms, do our homework, clean up our plate at meal time, wash our hands every time we turned around and no flack at bedtime.

We said grace before every meal. You didn’t eat till you did. If you were bad, you got a spanking. If you missed school or Mass you’d better honestly be ill because if you stayed home from either then you were too sick to play.

We didn’t have a lot of toys but dad bought us all the comic books we picked out. As long as we were reading they had no problem with it.Those were the great supehero comics;Superman,Supergirl, the Legion of Superheroes, Aquaman, the Flash and the 2 magpies Jekyl and Hyde. We had no tv for the longest time until dad came home one day with a black and white set.

Of course, at the time, all they produced were black and white sets.Since we were the first in the family to own a tv all the relatives came to indulge in our good fortune. Part of our family time was when mom and dad and us kids would be there for Bonanza and the Ed Sullivan show. Leave it to Beaver. Father Knows Best ,Captain Kangaroo and Saturday cartoons were our favorites. Couldn’t miss those. Mom just loved Lawrence Welk when he was introduced to television.

When summer came and school was out i rarely saw the inside of the house. The rule was be in before dark.As soon as the street lights came on the good times were over. i don’t remember anyone ever discussing politics in our home. i do remember the folks being Democrat and so proud of our first Catholic president being elected.

We were all proud of it. It was the first time i experienced bigotry against our Catholic faith but John F. Kennedy actually got elected. i doubt because he was Catholic but in spite of it.

When he was assassinated everyone was crushed. Class stopped and we spent moments in prayer. This is a school where you said the pledge of allegiance at the start of class; hand on your heart standing towards the flag.i think this was the first time i was aware of anyone speaking about politics in our home. Mom and dad went to all the Democrat picnics/fund raisers.

The only thing i knew is Republicans were for the rich and Democrats were for people like us but you had to be 21 to vote. When they amended the Constitution and we were finally allowed to vote i was thinking how great it would have been had Robert Kennedy been around to run for President. He was young, cute, definitely a Democrat and he was a Kennedy. My criteria was a tad shallow then.

Young and cute aren’t exactly qualifications for a good President.

The world was starting to change in those years 1964-70. It’s when my journey to liberalism began. Oddly enough our parents were very conservative as you can probably tell from our upbringing but this was not unusual at that time. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to be Democrat and have what people now call family values. It wasn’t ideology that drove their decisions.

It was mostly common sense. Our parents were working class. Ideological they were not. It didn’t seem like anybody was, that is until the 60’s. It wasn’t a world our parents could relate to. They were the WWII generation who had survived the Great Depression. I couldn’t imagine them thinking burning the flag or joining a sit in was ok. They would be life long Democrats though. For them their world never changed.

It would always be the Democrat party THEY knew. I embraced Democrat liberalism. It didn’t seem to me they really understood it and were probably too naive to see what was going on. They would always be of the mind that the Democrats represented people like them and Republicans favored the rich. I didn’t think burning our flag was ok-that was a bridge too far- but couldn’t see anything wrong with peacefully protesting against ‘the man’.

I never approved of the violent protests. I would never have joined a group like the Weather Underground. It was too radical even for me. I think the one thing that kept me from ever going that deep into liberalism were the core values our parents brought us up with. I have to admit to being a crazy liberal, but only up to a point.

What i saw happening- though i didn’t realize it at the time- was the generation they raised throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We were given a life that was too easy. We were rejecting capitalism but we ignored the hard work our parents had to put in to give us the fairly comfortable life they didn’t have.

Ironic that because our parents were staunch Democrats their whole life i ended up being a liberal and thought all those crazy things libs believe about conservatives.

You get William F. Buckley on a stage with Gore Vidal and i’d be the idiot rooting for Vidal. However, it was my brother who went onto college and he remained what he always was-scholarly. i remained what i was-adventurous. i had no intellectual interests unless you would have considered Rolling Stone magazine intellectual.

Mom still loved her Lawrence Welk, big bands and the era of swing. She played the organ by ear. The music of her era was exciting to her, boring to me. As a kid i got a kick out of singing Hound Dog by Elvis but as a teen, right up to graduation, it was people like Hendrix and Johnny Winter that did it for me. The Beatles were it from She Loves You on & everything in between right up to the Eagles.

My favorite book was Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger so you can see i wasn’t likely to be influenced by any liberal writers .i would never have read anyway. I did take up with a friend to protest the war.

We rejected violence. We didn’t get involved with any groups or join a mob-we simply handed out material on campuses and called it a day. The war eventually ended and our soldiers came home. Nixon stepped down in disgrace. i wasn’t surprised by that at all. Those were the times we lived in until they faded away. The next time i voted it was for George HW Bush and later his son, George W.

The turning point for me was 1 issue. Abortion. Crazy liberal or no how could anyone support this?

i can see a woman getting into a troubling situation but to totally institutionalize abortion, create a whole industry around it, demand that abortion become law & destroy anyone who gets in the way, no can do.

If you can kill an unbon baby and not think twice, you can do anything. i found out the Democrats can do anything. It really was a tuning point for me.I started to question some of the other liberal ideas i had & converted back to my Catholic faith. BTW, i supported Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait & voted for George HW Sr. for a 2nd term. I was still a little reluctant to sign up for the Republican party or become active in the Conservative movement.

The political conversion was gradual.

Still, i have to say this; no matter which end of the political spectrum i landed on I never felt ungrateful for being blessed to be born here, raised here and being able to live here. It was a shame, after all the hard work and sacrifice our parents went through, to make sure we had a better life than they did, we weren’t more grateful to them. We didn’t do enough, if any, self scrutiny. Maybe we were too busy trying to ‘find ourselves.’

Fortunately I’m definitely in the Conservative camp now.The Kennedy Democrats no longer exist. We’re looking at a Marxist regime in DC.

The worst thing i have seen to date since Biden took office are the political prisoners. Opponents he’s had incarcerated. In the United States of America? Unfathomable .How could the FBI and DOJ lose their way?

I didn’t attend the Trump rally Jan 6 in DC. Due to my own condition and my husband’s health i will never be able to attend a Trump rally. We made it to the Cleveland Clinic and back for his post op testing.

It was a rough go for both of us. There was no choice though. He had to have open heart surgery.

We traveled round trip by Amtrak train. A major heart problem is a matter of life and death. i would attend a Trump rally if i could, but i can’t. It’s fantastic if you can go. Lucky for us who can’t make it there is always a live stream somewhere.

I’ve watched every single Trump rally including the DC rally on rsbn network. I haven’t missed watching one since the 1st one. i voted for him in 2016 and 2020 and can’t wait to vote for him again in 2024. I don’t need to attend a Trump rally to know he was a great President for the American people including the Democrats.

They don’t know how good they had it under Trump. They probably don’t because the corrupt media lies to them and they eat it up.

Wait until we turn into Venezuela. i think too many people believe that can’t happen here. Well, that’s exactly what they believed in Venezuela too and it did.

Our FEDERAL law enforcement[ie.FBI] has become politicized and weaponized against our own citizens. I didn’t think i’d live to see the day. I’m absolutely heartbroken for our country. There isn’t a country in the world that has a Constitution like ours and it’s not only being ignored but trampled on. Legal immigrants come here to escape police states and now they’re watching in horror as it’s coming here. Once our Republic falls where do we go? Where does anyone go?

It’s scary, but we can’t be intimidated.

Our moms and dads didn’t fight in WWII for freedom just to have a future generation piss it away.


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