America is a Republic! | DragonPundit

Terrorism: The use of asymmetrical violence and intimidation to effect political change. This is a well accepted definition of terrorism. I can not be used to describe bad police shootings. Bad use of force in law enforcement is a matter of stress, fate, training or bad police officers. Bad LEOs is the rarest group of negligent use of force. Even bad police officers are not terrorists. They have no use for political change unless it helps preserve law enforcement. Police officers are terrorists is a ridiculous equation. When a Neo-Marxist Leftist proclaims “bloodshed” in the streets if City Hall goes back to using a Special Team of community police officers, that is political change and that is a threat of violence. It completely fits the definition of terrorism. The question is why isn’t the DOJ/FBI involved in the activities of BLM when their leaders are terrorists!?

America is a Republic! | DragonPundit

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