Please Go, Brandon – Americans Want This President Out – Issues & Insights

Apoll taken earlier this month shows that voters believe job No. 1 for President Joe Biden is to vacate his office. His replacement, of course, would be the vice president whose approval rating is so low it hardly registers. Take a bow, voters. This is the mess that America has become. When 1,000 voters were asked what is “the single most important goal for Biden over the next year,” the top answer at 20% was “resign/retire/quit.” That answer was almost twice as popular as the No. 2 response, “economy/jobs,” which logged in at 11%. These are the unsurprising-to-many findings of a Suffolk University-USA Today poll taken over three days last week.  “Nearly half of those surveyed, 46%, say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16% of those who voted for him. Independents, by 7-1 (44%-6%), say he’s done worse, not better, than they expected,” says USA Today, which didn’t bother to include in its report that voters want Biden to leave, but did admit there’s a “gloomy landscape” ahead for Democrats in next year’s midterms.