Why the @FBI Has Become Corrupt *This will be short & not so sweet*

why not? They got away with the Russia Hoax.Look at what the FBI let Hillary Clinton get away with. Nobody involved in it -the Russia Collusion plot-was held accountable. The media isn’t going to make a big deal of the FBI violating the laws that are supposed to govern it.The agency has been totally corrupted and the media will look away no matter what they do over there. Same with the DOJ. The media will even provide cover for them. The bottom line is they could get away with murder at this point.If the people behind Joe Biden say jump,they respond with a ‘how high’?The useful idiots are ok with it so who’s going to do a thing about it? The useful idiots don’t understand it but they will.Once the Democrats have total power and the FBI gets away with targeting American citizens the useful idiots will no longer be useful.They will come for the idiots,they will come for the media-they will come for ANY American citizen that gets in their way.

There’s a few ways to correct the path we’re on.There’s a few ways to possibly salvage the FBI and it’s once stellar reputation. It has to self correct and stand up for what is right or someone has to come in to clean house. It might have to be shut down PERIOD. It’s not a great thought but we have a country to save-a Republic to restore. Law and order has to mean something especially to the people who enforce it.None of this is hyperbole.It’s the honest to God truth and it’s a shame.

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