The 2022 Midterms Are Critical. Let’s Be Ready to Roll!

We’re going to be anxious to vote out the Marxist Dems but this is a once in a lifetime chance to rid ourselves of the RINO’s.It does no good to elect people who don’t realize they work for us, Republican or Democrat.

We need real leadership. McConnell and his prodigy John Thune doesn’t cut it. McCarthy is a good talker but look how long he let Liz Cheney rattle on and raise hell. He couldn’t even corral the 13 turn coats who supported Biden’s agenda in the phony infrastructure bill. Ronna McDaniel sat on her arse through 2020. Maybe she’s only interested in protecting her nephew Mitt Romney? Who knows but i do know she vanished from sight in 2020 when Trump needed all hands on deck.

Leadership in the White House is important but it’s also important in the 2 chambers of Congress. We need both and right now we have neither. If we at least had good leadership in Congress it would help.No more Mc’s and do not replace with anyone who is remotely close to McConnell.

We can win races. You have to get the people out to vote. The Republicans need to realize-most, but not all, do- they are not going to win without the Trump base. This idea that some RINO’s have is that they can win with the Trump agenda without Trump.They are badly mistaken. Trump is the founder of the MAGA movement. He is going to run in 2024 and we are going to elect him.One day he will pass on the baton but for now it’s his to hold onto.Chris Christie took a shot at Trump. Heard some other RINO’s do the same thing. Newsflash: Christie et al you’re toast.

  1. Get good leadership in Congress
  2. replace the RNC chairperson with a bona fide MAGA official
  3. vote out the RINOs for good. If we could toss out all of them it would be great but even most of them would do
  4. now go after the Dems


Embrace the Trump presidency. Two things the RINO’s never got about Trump: he’s not an ideologue. [though he basically governed with conservative principles ]and he wants to get things done. Most of the people in Congress are lawyers. A handful have rim a business in the private sector. All politicians know are programs.Trump understood what it took to be successful in the real world and it takes getting things done.

Trump was more than that though and if you’re part of the MAGA movement you get it. If you’re a part of the establishment it’s lost of you. You don’t have a clue and you will probably never understand it.

Jim Jordan has a great motto for Congress. Do What We Said We Would Do. When you make promises to the American people the least you can do is TRY to keep them. Trump did.Remember Speaker Gingrich? Remember how he did sweep of the House for Republicans? He drafted the Contract for America. It was a written commitment of what they would do if they were elected to Congress; Do What We Said We Would Do is along that same line. Trump summed it up as Promises Made, Promises Kept.

There’s the message and it might not hurt to spell it out like Gingrich did. Trump had a lot of accomplishments. Unfortunately the Biden Admin made a point of destroying them. Remind people of his accomplishments. He has a record to be proud of that deserved a 2nd term.

Last but not least, Trump put America First. He said it and he meant it. He loved the American people. Yeah, he could be blunt at times. He wasn’t exactly polished. It’s one of the things his base actually loved about him. Yes, he has an ego but let’s be honest; anyone who thinks they can run for the highest office in the country and become the leader of the free world has some chutzpah to begin with. Ttump was not timid and weak but he wasn’t stupid either. He was the last person to want to get us into an armed conflict.. Biden is weak,fearful,inept and corrupt.

The left conveniently forgot that Biden supported the Iraq war and Trump was opposed to it. Ironic isn’t it?

So let’s get that Trump agenda out there. Low Taxes, Less Regulation, A Secure Border, Immigration Reform, Free and Fair Trade. a strong military to defter-not cause-armed conflict, Law and Order,Energy Independence which is also a security issue, School Choice. Al these issues affect the American people directly.

Look, i know for the time being things look somewhat dire. We can’t ignore what Biden or should i say the people pulling his strings are doing to our country. He is causing a lot of damage in a short period of time.You may not agree and you may not like me bringing it up(which i do a lot)but i don’t believe Biden honestly won the 2020 election. Sorry-unless you can convince me otherwise i have no doubt. We can walk and chew gum at the same time as they say,right? We can look forward to 22 and 24but there’s no reason we can’t look back at 2020 too. It just didn’t pass the smell test. It all seemed off from the very beginning. I never questioned an election until this one.

Since he is in the oval office we have to work with what we’ve got.If there were any constitutional way out of this and Trump could go back in the White House NOW that would be fantastic but not seeing it, 2024 will be fine.

For those that did vote for Biden it’s a shame the media wasn’t honest with you.i think some of you would have voted Trump instead. However, I run into these leftists on the internet and they parrot the talking points the media feeds them. They’re hard to tolerate.You have to wonder who these people are and what kind of life they must be living.

Once Trump is elected in 2024 it might be the opportune time to start talking about a new party? Let’s say The Patriot Party. We can’t do it any sooner because of the primaries and the risk of splitting the vote during the 24 election. Once he’s elected all bets are off. It’d be a great time to form a new party.

Do i seem a little too confident about 2024? ‘In all honesty, probably true.Not to worry though;I’m not going to sit on my hands. We have a heck of a battle ahead especially for control of Congress in 2022.First things first.

Support individual MAGA candidates. The Dems will throw tons of cash into the elections they are desperate to win. i have a page called MAGA candidates. Check it out.i’ll be adding more soon.If you can’t afford donations, see if you can volunteer your time.If you have neither spare time or money to donate to a campaign you can definitely help by encouraging lots of people to vote. Turn out matters.