Ship of Fools

Remember this lady at the Trump inauguration in 2016?

who could forget?

I would consider her a representative of all the useful idiots on the left.The photo became an icon of sorts. The media gas lit these people. They bought every anti Trump story the legacy media fed them whether it could be verified or not. We put up with all kinds of nonsense for 4 yrs. culminating in the riots of Antida/BLM who explicitly and publicly announced their intentions of having Trump removed from office. The left called Trump divisive but it was a whole group of Democrats who not only didn’t attend the inauguration ceremony of a duly elected President but vowed to impeach him before he was even sworn in. They kept their word.Rashida Talib told a crowd the mother f-cker [Trump]would be impeached.Robert DeNiro shouted F-Trump to a cheering audience. I didn’t think i would live to see the day but there was a play depicting the assassination of President Trump while he was in office.Anyone doing such a play about Biden would be accused of and likely arrested for inciting violence.Every document,letter and communication of the President Trump was subject to scrutiny ie tax returns and made public. Any news story re Hunter Biden and his dad’s corrupt  dealings as  exposed on Hunter’s laptop was hidden from public view & censored. It was ignored  by the FBI. What else could we expect? Hillary Clinton’s devices were subpeoned and she destroyed them. Got a shoulder shrug.Look what they’re doing to Project Veritas now.Justice isn’t blind anymore. She peeks to see which side of the political spectrum you’re on.


FBI/DOJ/STATE DEPARTMENT were all set up for a coup against the President of the United States. The media did their part. The Obama/Biden administration  weaponized all the tentacles of government to make sure it happened. Remember this? Days before Pres Trump was to take office Obama changed the rules guiding the intel agencies. 

New rules issued by the Obama administration under Executive Order 12333 will let the NSA—which collects information under that authority with little oversight, transparency, or concern for privacy—share the raw streams of communications it intercepts directly with agencies including the FBI, the DEA, and the Department of Homeland Security, according to a report [today] by the New York Times.


The headline of Jan 12, 2017 read

Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out

The media knew exactly what to do. Everything was in place right down to Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself. It was a very bold coup. They knew they could get away with it if they were ever caught.When the Russia Hoax failed to remove Trump they moved to the impeachments.  We knew all along Trump could never do such a thing as ‘colluding’ with the Russians.People like Dan Bongino and Greg Jarret exposed the operation*. We knew the whole thing stunk to high heaven. The people on the left hung on every word of Adam Schiff each time he was on the legacy media claiming he had ‘evidence’ of Trump’s collusion;they never bothered to question why he didn’t produce it. As i said, useful idiots. A CLAIM to having evidence is not the same as actually having evidence. It was lost on the audience of CNN and MSNBC.The echo chamber of stupid could tell them anything and they’d buy it.

Maxine Waters told her people to get in the faces of anyone in the Trump administration and let them know they were not welcome anywhere. The people in his administration and his supporters couldn’t go anywhere in public without being threatened and harassed. They were chased out of restaurants with their own families.Senator Rand Paul and his wife couldn’t leave an event without facing a violent confrontation. They were  leaving the RNC convention in 2020 when an angry mob surrounded them and the police had to intervene. He described the incident in a tweet. 

“Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House…” 

The incident was never investigated. i believe there were other reports of attendees being attacked that night or at least harassed and threatened on the way out.

Trump supporters were isolated, chased down and assaulted. 

The Russia Hoax failed to remove Trump. The tax return scam failed to remove Trump. The impeachment failed to remove Trump. Antifa/BLM resorted to violence-an insurrection- and they failed to achieve their goal of removing Trump. By 2020 when he was up for re-election they were desperate. They were not about to have a repeat of 2016.

Were they capable of fraud if that’s what it took? They were capable of trying to pull off a coup with the Russia Hoax for close to 4yrs, nearly all of his 1st term. What do you think?

Tyrannical Government

The left accused Trump of being a tyrant. They accused him of all sorts of things but we’ll stick to this one. I have a question. How so?

The useful idiots are fine with Joe Biden mandating a vaccine, shutting down the free speech of people who oppose him, his refusing to take questions from the press, targeting his political opponents with the FBI, banning the President from social media  when he was in and out of office, spying on their own bank accounts, moving illegals in the dead of night to our own cities?  i could go on but the main question is are they supportive of these kinds of actions?Would they have supported President Trump if he took any of these actions against them rather than Biden doing it? So who is the tyrant? Granted he may not be going after people outside the Trump circle for now but what happens when he decides to go after them? They opposed Trump saying he was  a tyrant but they’re incredibly silent about Joe. You want the truth about Joe? He’s used the Constitution for toilet paper. 


When i was growing up the Marxists were considered a danger to the Republic. We were taught and understood how evil Marxism was and the destruction it brought to every country-to the world-where it was adopted. Revolutions brought it about.Nikita Kruschev  swore he would bury the West. They had nuclear weapons. 

I don’t get the fascination with and acceptance of Marxist ideology today. What we have in the Democrat party today are American Marxists. Critical Race Theory is Marxist Critical Theory. The leaders of BLM said they were founded on Marxism. When someone tells you something themselves you might want to believe them.  i  take them at their word. Eqaulity is a concept enshrined in our Constitution. Equity is Marxist. The distribution of wealth by government is Marxist. Look no further than the Infrastructure Bill and the Welfare States,. Biden is trying to convince people that Climate Change is the threat of our time. He has convinced some and is shutting down our energy sector. At the same time he is begging the Middle Eastern countries of OPEC to increase their oil supply. If these energy sectors are a hazard to the environment and causing climate change how is it we don’t want it shut down in the OPEC countries?  If it causes climate change here, why not there? Makes no sense does it? Maybe this is not about climate change at all?

Marxists have always loved their useful idiots (from  the very beginning of Marxism). Of course, when they finally achieve  total power the idiots are no longer useful.

Marxism is still evil and destructive. It always has been. You can ‘Americanize’ it but it’s still Marxism. IF they take over here, there is nowhere for us to go. We have to stand up to Biden now and we better vote in 22 and 24 for solid people-no RINOS. We need MAGA warriors. All welcome to join us. #Trump2024

* aka Spygate or Obamagate