More Nonsense from the GOP*Edited for additional content

The Alaska Republican Party endorsed Kelly Tshibaka over incumbent Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski… 

In a 58-17 vote, the party’s central committee approved the endorsement of Tshibaka, giving Alaska’s former commissioner of the Department of Administration an additional boost.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Tshibaka after his long-fraught relationship with Murkowski disintegrated further over her decision to vote to convict the former president at his second impeachment trial earlier this year. Trump vowed to campaign against “a disloyal and very bad Senator” in March and announced he would not be endorsing the 20-year incumbent “under any circumstances.”

Vote these turn coats out:

JohnThune, John Barraso and Rick Scott. They are all hand picked by McConnell. They all support Murkowski. All we need to know.They have John Thune lined up to replace McConnell. That’s a no go. Let’s work against it.

Not one cent for the GOP. Donate directly to the candidates of your choice. Let’s make sure we get behind the challenger to Lisa Murkoski. Murkowski’s been worthless for years. She’s the vote-along with Susan Collins-the Democrats count on most.

.ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The leaders of Alaska’s Republican Party on Saturday endorsed a challenger to incumbent U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The Alaska Republican State Central Committee endorsed Kelly Tshibaka in the 2022 race for the U.S. Senate seat held by Murkowski. The committee approved Tshibaka’s endorsement in a 58-17 vote during a meeting in Fairbanks.