We Will Survive! Hang In & Fight

Before we can accomplish anything we have to DEMAND McConnell and McCarthy step down. We lack real leadership. Anyone in Congress who supports these 2 needs their head examined. They’re obviously owned and will fail us every  time. Contact your Rep in the House and your Senator in the Senate.Their  phone lines should be so tied up that it’s hard to get through. Ronna McDaniel,the RNC Chairwoman, has become useless. i swear she’s only there to protect Mitt Romney. She didn’t lift a finger during the 2020 election.The 3 Mc’s have got to go. We’ve been patient and given them the benefit of the doubt all along. This failure to not only stop the Biden infrastructure bill but to actually assure its passage was the last straw.

We had a huge victory nationwide on Nov 2nd only to have the 13 so  called Republicans stab us in the back.When Trump is elected in 2024 he should seriously consider raising the possibility of a new party. We wouldn’t dare do it now but once Congress and the White House are in good hands then it would be an opportune time. For now we have enough battles to fight. It’s a shame one of them has to be with the people we elected.  We can’t defeat the Marxists until we have people willing to fight along with us.

Jim Jordan is one of the few representatives i’ve heard come out and call them communists. Thank God someone has the guts.

The election wins of Nov 2nd a few days ago we’re almost as exhilarating as the win on Nov  3,2016.We needed that. It’s not the be all and end all of the battles we have to win but we needed it and we’ll take it. Leave it to weak Republicans-or perhaps Republicans who got paid off in some way-to bring us a  defeat in the middle of a victory. McCarthy’s lack of leadership and the back stabbing of these 13 turn coats was disgraceful and unforgiveable. They have to be primaried.Adam Kinzinger isn’t running again but he’s delusional thinking he can successfully run for President in 24. Nobody would vote for him. There isn’t a Republican candidate who can win without the support of the Trump base. Not going to happen.

Here’s the list of 13 to vote out but we can also give them a call:

I know we feel discouraged. The steal of 2020 was a real blow. Every time we see another Biden disaster we think about what could have been.We know the agencies of our government we once held in high regard are corrupt. Trump said it once and it was true. He was just in the way. We were the ones they were after. He was the one stopping them. Now they’re after us. He knew he was standing up against socialism. Pelosi ripped up that speech[SOTU where he swore we would never become a socialist nation] in absolute hatred. It wasn’t just hatred of him. She resented the fact that he was keeping their socialist/Marxist agenda at bay and putting America first. The powers that be were determined to take him out if they had to lie, cheat and steal to do it. They did and now they will do anything to hold onto their power. We will win in the end. We can’t give up the fight. We might lose a battle here and there but we will prevail. i know we will. We have that beautiful document known as the Constitution to fight for and they don’t. They have their propaganda. We have the truth. They have their phony lying Marxist leader. We have one of the greatest Presidents of our lifetime. We have our belief that we are one people united under a sovereign God. They have their useful idiots who bow to the state. We will prevail. Don’t give up.