There Was A Time (i held our FBI and CIA in the highest regard)

We grew up watching Efrem Zimbalist Jr play an agent on a show called The FBI. I would never have questioned the integrity of our FBI in those days. It speaks to the fact the FBI was one of our premiere agencies and one we respected. BTW. The acting was great.

Stephen Brooks, Lynn Loring and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., 1965.

I still held the FBI in the highest regard until recently-that is,until Obama shamelessly politicized our institutions and agencies. Obama used the FBI [as did Hillary Clinton] as a political weapon against their opponent Donald Trump. Now Biden is using the FBI to target ordinary citizens as well as political figures. There hasn’t been a single whistleblower and that is concerning. It tells me that the FBI is now totally corrupt and there’s probably no saving it.I will say this;i do not intend to cower in fear. This is still the United States of America and while it is still, albeit barely ,recognizable that means the power of the government is limited by the Constitution.

We shouldn’t have political prisoners. It can’t be justified. We shouldn’t have our intel agencies spying on candidates and plotting a coup-not when the American people have spoken.The Constitution opens with the words WE THE PEOPLE get to form our government. Not the FBI, CIA,DOD,DOJ or DHS.You didn’t like our choice? Tough. We’re counting on your integrity to stay out of it and do your job.

If there’s fraud or cheating then investigate.

Let me give these people a heads up.I was not at the Trump rally that day. For that matter i have never been to a Trump rally or in DC. Ever. i didn’t know a soul that was at the rally that day.I would love to go to a Trump rally,if i could.Unfortunately it is out of the question. You can do a background check.i have no criminal record. There was a time many moons ago i peacefully protested with a friend against the Vietnam War. We didn’t belong to a group. We took it upon ourselves to hand out our own literature opposing the war. We went to college campuses. We never advocated for the overthrow of the government. We definitely never advocated for violence.All we wanted was an end to the war.

My husband is disabled. He recently went through open heart surgery. He has suffered 2 strokes. I’m disabled myself and home bound. My chances of going anywhere are slim to none. I went to Cleveland and Pittsburgh for my husband out of necessity. It was not an easy trip. At this point i am wheelchair bound-temporarily at least. So the idea i would be participating in any kind of riot would be about as good as the chance of my wining a million dollars on the lottery.In fact i’d stand a better chance of winning a million.

I don’t drink, do drugs or sleep around. I’m with my husband out of a sense of loyalty because he needs someone to look out for him.It may not be the best reason to be married but i don’t believe you leave your spouse when they’re ill or dependent. Loyalty matters. It’s one of the reasons i cared for my parents in their time of need.

I’m no saint-don’t get me wrong- but the FBI has no legitimate reason to ever knock on our door. The FBI hasn’t had too many legitimate reasons to knock on anyone’s door since they spied on Pres Trump and his campaign or gone after the Obama/Clinton/ Biden opponents.They’re supposed to have an oath to uphold not weaponize their assets against ordinary American citizens who happen to disagree with an administration.This aint China. This aint Russia. We’re not Marxists.Most of us know darned well the FBI is providing cover for the corrupt and probably believe-or they’ve convinced themselves-it’s righteous. There’s only one way for the FBI to get out of that; stop lying to themselves.