Virginia Attorney General-Elect Pledges to Investigate Loudoun County School Board’s Coverup of Bathroom Sexual Assault – Nwo Report

Source: Richard Moorhead Scott Smith, the father of a victim of sexual assault in Loudoun schools, is arrested at a school board meeting. The incoming Republican Attorney General of Virginia plans to investigate Loudoun County’s school board in connection to a sexual assault in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. Jason Minyares confirmed Thursday that he intended to initiate an investigation into Loudoun County’s handling of the sexual assault, responding to a question on the matter with a simple “yes.” Minyares was speaking at a press conference introducing the team of prosecutors he intends to appoint as Attorney General.

Virginia Attorney General-Elect Pledges to Investigate Loudoun County School Board’s Coverup of Bathroom Sexual Assault – Nwo Report

IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE: Joe Biden Abandoned THOUSANDS of Americans and as many as 14,000 in Afghanistan When US Fled Country – Nwo Report

Source:  Jim Hoft Joe Biden and the Woke Generals abandoned THOUSANDS of Americans in Afghanistan and as many as 14,000 during their quick escape from the terrorist-controlled country. And then they left the Taliban with $80 billion in US arms. New figures released by the State Department reveal as many as 14,000 Americans were left to fend for themselves when Biden and the woke generals quickly fled the country due to their artificial timeline.

There Was A Time (i held our FBI and CIA in the highest regard)

We grew up watching Efrem Zimbalist Jr play an agent on a show called The FBI. I would never have questioned the integrity of our FBI in those days. It speaks to the fact the FBI was one of our premiere agencies and one we respected. BTW. The acting was great.

Stephen Brooks, Lynn Loring and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., 1965.

I still held the FBI in the highest regard until recently-that is,until Obama shamelessly politicized our institutions and agencies. Obama used the FBI [as did Hillary Clinton] as a political weapon against their opponent Donald Trump. Now Biden is using the FBI to target ordinary citizens as well as political figures. There hasn’t been a single whistleblower and that is concerning. It tells me that the FBI is now totally corrupt and there’s probably no saving it.I will say this;i do not intend to cower in fear. This is still the United States of America and while it is still, albeit barely ,recognizable that means the power of the government is limited by the Constitution.

We shouldn’t have political prisoners. It can’t be justified. We shouldn’t have our intel agencies spying on candidates and plotting a coup-not when the American people have spoken.The Constitution opens with the words WE THE PEOPLE get to form our government. Not the FBI, CIA,DOD,DOJ or DHS.You didn’t like our choice? Tough. We’re counting on your integrity to stay out of it and do your job.

If there’s fraud or cheating then investigate.

Let me give these people a heads up.I was not at the Trump rally that day. For that matter i have never been to a Trump rally or in DC. Ever. i didn’t know a soul that was at the rally that day.I would love to go to a Trump rally,if i could.Unfortunately it is out of the question. You can do a background check.i have no criminal record. There was a time many moons ago i peacefully protested with a friend against the Vietnam War. We didn’t belong to a group. We took it upon ourselves to hand out our own literature opposing the war. We went to college campuses. We never advocated for the overthrow of the government. We definitely never advocated for violence.All we wanted was an end to the war.

My husband is disabled. He recently went through open heart surgery. He has suffered 2 strokes. I’m disabled myself and home bound. My chances of going anywhere are slim to none. I went to Cleveland and Pittsburgh for my husband out of necessity. It was not an easy trip. At this point i am wheelchair bound-temporarily at least. So the idea i would be participating in any kind of riot would be about as good as the chance of my wining a million dollars on the lottery.In fact i’d stand a better chance of winning a million.

I don’t drink, do drugs or sleep around. I’m with my husband out of a sense of loyalty because he needs someone to look out for him.It may not be the best reason to be married but i don’t believe you leave your spouse when they’re ill or dependent. Loyalty matters. It’s one of the reasons i cared for my parents in their time of need.

I’m no saint-don’t get me wrong- but the FBI has no legitimate reason to ever knock on our door. The FBI hasn’t had too many legitimate reasons to knock on anyone’s door since they spied on Pres Trump and his campaign or gone after the Obama/Clinton/ Biden opponents.They’re supposed to have an oath to uphold not weaponize their assets against ordinary American citizens who happen to disagree with an administration.This aint China. This aint Russia. We’re not Marxists.Most of us know darned well the FBI is providing cover for the corrupt and probably believe-or they’ve convinced themselves-it’s righteous. There’s only one way for the FBI to get out of that; stop lying to themselves.

Shaken and stirred….

nothing to add. couldn’t do better.


Have you noticed how the world is spinning wildly out of control? If you only watch regular TV or listen to mainstream pundits, you are missing out. There have been marches in France EVERY SATURDAY against the vaccine. All over Europe people are demonstrating against mandatory vaccinations on a weekly basis. There have been walk-outs of entire companies over being forced to get a vaccine. Today was designated “International Walk Out Day” for people to not work in demonstration against mandatory vaccinations. I am not against vaccines, per se. I am against forced capitulation to a government mandate (which is not law) into my medical and personal life. I saw where Utah wants to implement a digital driver’s license to which they can add your credit score, your vaccination status, your taxes, spending habits, etc etc etc. That should scare the poop out of everyone. But it got very little…

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Biden Considers Killing Another US Pipeline as Oil Crisis Continues – RedState

As gas prices continue to skyrocket and the feckless President of the United States continues to blame Russia and OPEC for the U.S. oil shortage he and he alone created — on purpose — on day one of his installation in the Oval Office, by killing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Joe Biden is weighing shutting down another oil pipeline, which would all but guarantee further increased fuel prices in the affected region.

Biden Considers Killing Another US Pipeline as Oil Crisis Continues – Biden Considers Killing Another US Pipeline as Oil Crisis Continues – RedState

We Will Survive! Hang In & Fight

Before we can accomplish anything we have to DEMAND McConnell and McCarthy step down. We lack real leadership. Anyone in Congress who supports these 2 needs their head examined. They’re obviously owned and will fail us every  time. Contact your Rep in the House and your Senator in the Senate.Their  phone lines should be so tied up that it’s hard to get through. Ronna McDaniel,the RNC Chairwoman, has become useless. i swear she’s only there to protect Mitt Romney. She didn’t lift a finger during the 2020 election.The 3 Mc’s have got to go. We’ve been patient and given them the benefit of the doubt all along. This failure to not only stop the Biden infrastructure bill but to actually assure its passage was the last straw.

We had a huge victory nationwide on Nov 2nd only to have the 13 so  called Republicans stab us in the back.When Trump is elected in 2024 he should seriously consider raising the possibility of a new party. We wouldn’t dare do it now but once Congress and the White House are in good hands then it would be an opportune time. For now we have enough battles to fight. It’s a shame one of them has to be with the people we elected.  We can’t defeat the Marxists until we have people willing to fight along with us.

Jim Jordan is one of the few representatives i’ve heard come out and call them communists. Thank God someone has the guts.

The election wins of Nov 2nd a few days ago we’re almost as exhilarating as the win on Nov  3,2016.We needed that. It’s not the be all and end all of the battles we have to win but we needed it and we’ll take it. Leave it to weak Republicans-or perhaps Republicans who got paid off in some way-to bring us a  defeat in the middle of a victory. McCarthy’s lack of leadership and the back stabbing of these 13 turn coats was disgraceful and unforgiveable. They have to be primaried.Adam Kinzinger isn’t running again but he’s delusional thinking he can successfully run for President in 24. Nobody would vote for him. There isn’t a Republican candidate who can win without the support of the Trump base. Not going to happen.

Here’s the list of 13 to vote out but we can also give them a call:

I know we feel discouraged. The steal of 2020 was a real blow. Every time we see another Biden disaster we think about what could have been.We know the agencies of our government we once held in high regard are corrupt. Trump said it once and it was true. He was just in the way. We were the ones they were after. He was the one stopping them. Now they’re after us. He knew he was standing up against socialism. Pelosi ripped up that speech[SOTU where he swore we would never become a socialist nation] in absolute hatred. It wasn’t just hatred of him. She resented the fact that he was keeping their socialist/Marxist agenda at bay and putting America first. The powers that be were determined to take him out if they had to lie, cheat and steal to do it. They did and now they will do anything to hold onto their power. We will win in the end. We can’t give up the fight. We might lose a battle here and there but we will prevail. i know we will. We have that beautiful document known as the Constitution to fight for and they don’t. They have their propaganda. We have the truth. They have their phony lying Marxist leader. We have one of the greatest Presidents of our lifetime. We have our belief that we are one people united under a sovereign God. They have their useful idiots who bow to the state. We will prevail. Don’t give up.

Trump Supporters Formulate Plan Against 13 GOP Traitors Who Voted With Pelosi to Pass Biden’s Bill – Wayne Dupree

One of the first things I read, when I woke up today, was how Pelosi got Biden’s bill through the House with the help of 13 GOP traitors. I could feel my blood boiling. The first thing I thought of is Ronna McDaniel and how she needs to go. We must stop funding the campaigns of RINOs. Next, Kevin McCarthy needs to go, because he’s not a “leader” if he allows these communist bills to pass with help from the GOP. All of this occurred on his watch. And finally, we need to be laser-focused on unseating these GOP establishment losers. They’re worse than Democrats because they’re destroying our chances of even fighting the communist left. So, all of our attention needs to be focused on ousting them.

Trump Supporters Formulate Plan Against 13 G
Who Voted With Pelosi to Pass Biden’s Bill – Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree does a fantastic job of laying out the route we should take here. He’s spot on. A highly recommended article. Please read and share.