Who Cares If Biden is Destroying the Country Deliberately or Not?

Does it matter f the destruction of our country is because Biden has dementia(probably does), if it’s intentional or a result of his incompetence?

The bottom line is this: he should not holding the highest office in the United States and pretending to be the leader of the free world. i highly doubt he won the election. If 81 million people voted for Biden they’ve been hiding since he was sworn in because i’ve never met one of them.He couldn’t get more than a 1k at a rally and that might be pushing it.

You saw what happened on election night and what ensued the next day. I’m sure even the Democrats saw it but didn’t see anything to dispute or wanted to dispute. The media calls it The Big Lie. Of course they do and that’s because they know it’s the truth. Why else would Twitter ban a President unless they were hiding something? They were the people pushing the Russia Hoax. Anyone who thinks they can be trusted are mistaken. The Russia Hoax against Trump is the scandal of the century. It was part of their attempted coup. They tried everything to get rid of him and got away with it, including the stolen election. The Democrats had the nerve to try and pass a law that would make their plan to steal future elections into law. Right there tells you everything you need to know. Whatever provisions they put into the For the People Act HR 1 is exactly what they used for the 2020 election. They will keep trying to pass it into law.

If you mention voter ID they insist it’s racist. Anything that ensures a free and FAIR election is called racist. Their plan is to not only make it easy to vote but also easy to cheat. Their goal is to federalize the elections and that is unconstitutional. The authority to pass election law was left to the legislature in the states.

Now that Biden is in the oval office we have watched him go from disaster to disaster and that is why the Democrats took a beating on Nov 2nd. When you think stealing an election is a good idea and you see the CONSEQUENCES of it affecting your own life in a negative way you change your mind. When the problems he’s creating with his Marxist cohorts are at your front door it sheds light.Marxism or what they call progressive or socialism doesn’t work. It sounds better in theory than practice.It’s hitting home. Maybe it’s a wake up call people needed.

The folks are also tired of being called racist. How do you insult your constituents in the worst possible way then expect to get elected? They went one step too far and labeled them domestic terrorists. They called on the FBI to investigate them. Whether you’re a Republican,Democrat or Independent that’s a bridge too far. You don’t go for the chance the FBI could knock on YOUR door just for opposing your local schoolboard. The Democrats failed to see that targets the average American citizen regardless of party. People know they need to be stopped. People know something is wrong whether they realize it’s Marxist ideology or not. You don’t have to give it a name to know it’s dangerous for the country. You see the price of groceries going up, shortages on the shelves, the price of gas skyrocket and the feds going after you for disagreements you KNOW something’s amiss in your country.

I will always believe the election was stolen. i doubt Biden could have gotten elected any other way. I watched it happen with my own 2 eyes on Nov 3,2020. The one remedy i’m sure of is voting for Trump a 3rd time in 2024. I wish there were a way to right the course now but there is still one way even if it’s not the way i’d prefer. Vote them out. Give them the message. Repudiate Biden in the next best way possible. Maybe we can’t set the past election right but we can get close enough until 2024.

We can save the country. We have to. It’s ours to lose. We have definitely sent them a message.

Remember that there are more of us than them. Remember the media doesn’t hold any sway unless we let them. The idea that they could lose power is the one thing they fear. I doubt they fear God. They don’t fear justice anymore. Our Justice Dept has become corrupted. We are the one force they fear. It’s why they have to keep us divided.

My point is Biden is destroying OUR country and it doesn’t matter why he’s doing it-it’s that he’s doing it.

Mark Levin Podcast – Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/3/21

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, in a revolt against the American Marxists, patriotic Americans spoke up, became activists, and went to the polls. They won, and we’re seeing Republican victories in races all across the country. This program was clear in its call for activism, seven months ago, to identify the American Marxists and stop the siege of their de-growth and critical race theory movements at our local school boards. Then, 55% of Hispanic voters in Virginia voted for Glenn Youngkin, yet the media keeps repeating the Democrats’ lies that Republicans are racist White supremacists. This is why they acted as if Donald Trump were on the ballot because they spent years painting Trump as such. Later, this is a battle between those who love America and those who don’t. Enough of the divisiveness from the irrelevant corrupt media. It’s thanks to activists like Edward Durr, a trucker from NJ, who ran against the NJ Senate President spent $153 and won! Afterward, Democrats and the White House are pushing radical proposals including vaccinating small children. There is no proof to know what effect COVID vaccines will have on kids and that is a fact! The entire purpose of adults getting the vaccine was to protect them from those that may be ill, that includes the unvaccinated! If the vaccine works then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Mark Levin Podcast – Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/3/21