Jim Acosta, Joy Reid & Other Deep State actors melt down about the January 6 Documentary by Tucker Carlson (VIDEO) – PAL Bulletin

November 2, 2021 These individuals are all paid for and are representatives of our Deep State Mafia government. Here are some video clips of Jim Acosta, Joy Reid and other Deep State actors having melt downs about the January 6th documentary by Tucker Carlson. They call Fox News and Tucker Carlson “far right” television. Really? That news channel helped with their stolen election on November 3rd. Jim Acosta, Joy Reid and all of the other communist assets are afraid of the American public of finding out the truth about the January 6th “Insurrection”. Many of us already know the truth. We have seen video footage that CNN, MSNBC, Congress and others refuse to show for some odd reason. Here is another question. Why won’t these fake news channels interview Ashli Babbitt’s husband? Wouldn’t he be at the top of the list for journalists to interview since his wife was the only person to be murdered during the “insurrection”?