The Great Win for Virginia. What the Media WON’T Say

You’re darn right I will.Our media is corrupt. It would be better for all of us if they were ignored. i wish they understood how irrelevant they are.

That said, they’ve had their .02 worth for weeks prior to the election in Virginia. All their narratives tied Trump to the Youngkin-McAuliffe race. The McAullife campaign made a point of running against President Trump. They tied a Republican loss in Virginia as a rejection of Trump.

Of course at the time they were convinced McAuliffe would win. We understand that the media is part of the Democrat party. They campaign for the Democrat candidates. They covered up for Biden when he barely campaigned in 2020.

Youngkin was smart. He didn’t take the bait and he kept his focus on issues that mattered to him and his fellow Virginians. People read into this that he ‘distanced’ himself from Trump.

He and Trump happened to agree on most issues. Youngkin was definitely embracing Trump policies; not necessarily because they were Trump’s but because they were right for Virginia.

i’ m going to flat out say it; there isn’t a Republican who can win without the Trump base and that includes Youngkin.However, let me make this perfectly clear-ESPECIALLY for the benefit of the media-do not try to stir up trouble that’s not necessary. If we’re going to beat the other side(MARXISTS)we have to stick together. Let’s take the wins and be energized by every one we get.

The Republican party wouldn’t be where it is now were it not for President Trump. Did Youngkin reject Trump? Nope. Not once. Did he denounce Trump at all? :Not even once.

He picked a good strategy by not getting into that argument.

They better not get it into their heads to throw Trump under the bus. Big mistake. Biden was sold as something he wasn’t by the media. People have had their eyes opened. i know Youngkin got the Trump base but i have the feeling he added to the numbers by people with buyer’s remorse.

We have to be cautious not to let other people write the narrative for us. We know what the real story is. We don’t need conservative or liberal media writing it for us. If they reject Trump, they’re reading something into the Youngkin win that isn’t there. Youngkin ran a fantastic campaign and will make a good governor. No doubt.

It was a Trump that made a Youngkin possible. No doubt. Let’s be honest conservative media; the GOP was floundering until Trump came along. He rejuvenated the party and helped some of them grow a set. Trump is the right man at the right time in our history. Youngkin was the right man for Virginia at the right time. They also elected a fantastic Lt Governor. Let’s not overlook Winsome Sears!! There is a story to be told and celebrated. She is remarkable.

We ALL won here. Trump, Youngkin,the MAGA movement, the folks who genuinely cared about what was happening to their own country and in their own communities. It all hits home eventually. It’s all good when we fight together for the right reasons.

McAullife was counting on the anti Trump/pro Biden electorate in Virginia. Biden won the state by 20 points. Biden has been in office for 10 months.

Now people have had a chance to see the REAL BIDEN. Not the one the media fed them in 2020. IMHO (opinion only)maybe by now people have seen how good Trump actually was for the country and what a terrible choice Biden was.

Still,Youngkin focused on issues rather than persons and i think that’s what carried the day. McAullife also had several blunders and crippled his own campaign. Again,Youngkin was smart enough to capitalize on McAuliffe’s blunders.

Maybe Virginians weren’t pro Trump but Youngkin knew they weren’t embracing Biden’s policies either and there was his strong suite. He didn’t reject Trump but he knew he wasn’t running for Trump. He was running for himself and his fellow Virginians.

All McAullife had going for him was Trump bad and ‘those people’ are racist.

You see, the left equates rejection of Critical Race Theory-CRT-as being racist. Virginians understood that CRT is divisive and racist. They weren’t interested and they were adamant it wasn’t going to be forced upon their children especially when their children were being so poorly educated anyway.

What did the media do after the Youngkin win? They had to change THEIR narrative. The race wasn’t a referendum on Trump and CRT didn’t exist except as a dog whistle.

A total flip.They want to make sure people don’t equate Youngkin with Trump. In fact,they want people to believe Youngkin rejected Trump and that’s why he won.Youngkin won because he agreed with what mattered to the people of Virginia.

Al the left has is the accusation of racist. It’s all they have left. Prove me wrong. Show me otherwise. You call your own citizens racist then tell them you want to represent them you are barking up the wrong tree.

Youngkin won because he ran a great campaign and took advantage of McAuliffie’s blunders. Youngkin won because he rejected Biden’s policies. Unfortunately for them everyone knows what the media narrative was when they thought McAuliffe was going to win.

It doesn’t really matter what the media thinks as much as they believe it does.The word for that is delusional.They’re too corrupt to be relevant anymore. When people needed real news and actual journalism they were MIA. They’ve been too busy working for the Democrat party and promoting Biden.

I’ll state the obvious; the MAGA movement led by Trump got behind Youngkin. Trump or no Trump though Youngkin was a great candidate in his own right.

The people of Virginia stood up for themselves and rejected the Biden policies whether you call them Biden’s or not. i’m convinced that  even the people who weren’t  Trump supporters got behind Youngkin because he was a great candidate and they were fed up with McAuliffe and his nonsense. The media will try to write off  Trump.  Fine. 


Not my problem either. VIRGINIANS voted for Youngkin/ He won. Let the media spin. When  they decide to do real journalism and start reporting informative news they can let us know. They live in a bubble. We live in the real world.They're an echo chamber of stupid. We're the people who have the brains to keep this country going . Thank God they're not in charge!

TRUTH: the Youngkin win was a win for the people of Virginia and the citizens across our whole country. The Youngkin win was a win for a country we believe to be the greatest country on planet earth. The Youngkin win was for the empowerment of our citizens, not the government. The left doesn’t get that. They think the state is the be all and end all so they will never understand.

The Democrats, media, McAuliffe and Biden conveniently forget that our Constitution opens with the words WE THE PEOPLE.

The good people of our country sent them a reminder.

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