Steve Forbes: Where do Democrats think energy comes from? – YouTube

Steve Forbes: Where do Democrats think energy comes from? – YouTube

probably the same place they think groceries come from. They think money grows on trees. Thank you dad for always reminding us kids that money DOESN’T grow on trees.The Democrats haven’t gone past the idea that when you put a loose tooth under your pillow the tooth fairy comes, takes the tooth and leaves you a quarter.

Why the “Infrastructure Bill” is Stuck

President Trump talked about writing an infrastructure bill. I’m assuming it was something he had planned to initiate in his 2ntd term if he won. He actually meant infrastructure such as bridges,roads and airports. Anything that would qualify as infrastructure. He knew it would help our economy plus create jobs.

Biden and the Democrats decided they would have a bill and call it infrastructure too Like most of the bills the Democrats try to pass they usually give it a name that covers up what they’re really trying to do. The For the People’s Act has little to do with the people. The bill was written to give themselves more power by assuring they couldn’t lose an election. Any bill that’s titled for Reproductive Rights has nothing to do with reproduction. It means abortion. They did say their Infrastructure bill meant ‘human’ infrastructure. A bizarre choice of words but what it really meant is that it had nothing to do with actual infrastructure.

The initial cost of the bill was 3.5 trillion (probably closer to 5)*. It’s now down to 1.5 trillion.

The argument among the Democrats isn’t over so it’s for all intents and purposes stuck. i don’t think a single Republican was going to sign the 3.5. version.They better not sign any version but will save that for another day.It hasn’t gotten by the Democrats yet,let alone the Republicans. Here’s why:

We understand that a politician has to get re-elected or there isn’t a chance an agenda will be fulfilled. So the first job of any candidate is to win office. It would be nice if they could win on principle. Another words this is what i want to do to benefit the country, my constituents and keep my oath of office. The one they take when they’re sworn in.

Unfortunately most-not all-candidates get as far as their first job; getting elected and once they’re in office they worry about getting re-elected. The oath of office is just a formality and with rare exceptions it doesn’t mean a thing.

My dad used to say if it’s good for the country, it’s good for the party and he was a Democrat.

Since Biden was elected that idea has gone right out the window.

Now he’s headed off for Europe and left behind the people to squabble over the infrastructure bill, including the price tag.

So who’s standing in the way? Joe Manchin of W Virginia. He said he didn’t like the 3.5 price tag. They had to get it down.

Joe lives in a red state that voted overwhelmingly for Pres Trump. He’s always claimed to be a moderate Democrat which means he’s trying to convince the Republicans they can feel good voting for him, the middle of the road Democrats and Independents can feel good voting for him. The problem is Joe talks moderate, puts up a little fight, then caves. He always ends up going along with Pelosi. Let’s be honest, the Democrats always do. If she says jump, they say how high? He’s infuriated the radical Democrat Marxists now because they’re adamant about the 3.5 trillion and certain provisions in the bill. Manchin can’t go either way without infuriating one group or the other-and likely both. This is what happens when you don’t stand on principle. In my opinion, it’s time to vote Manchin out and elect a MAGA candidate that we don’t have to second guess.Manchin has really done it because i hear rumblings of the radical left wanting him vanquished too. Again, this is what happens when you don’t stand on principle.

He’s definitely the one politician that can either hold things up or screw it up totally but he’s created his own conundrum. He seems to think the only way out is to remain ambiguous. He’s not answering either way. He knows whatever decision he makes he risks his career. i have a newsflash for Manchin. He’s no moderate. We’re not going to be fooled again and no matter which way he votes we better show him the door.It’s not just the price tag of the bill, it’s what they intend to accomplish with it. NONE of it has anything to do with infrastructure. The squad,Bernie Sanders, Biden (useful idiot no1).and most of the Democrat party are full blown Marxists. The bill would finish off our economy, destroy our country and turn us into their vision of America.

In a 50-50 Senate, any one Democrat can thwart Joe Biden’s agenda, and no one has more license to interfere than Joe Manchin, who has managed to win reelection in West Virginia, where Donald Trump won by 40 points last year.

So what Manchin says determines what can pass in the Senate, and his every utterance is analyzed with Talmudic intensity. And he’s gone back and forth about what he desires. Earlier this month in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, he indicated his support for a “strategic pause” on the reconciliation bill and insisted that he would not back legislation with a total cost of $3.5 trillion.

This morning, CNN’s Manu Raju caught up with Senator Manchin, who offered yet another ambiguous statement about the prospects for a reconciliation bill’s moving forward.

It wasn’t a bad article but it had to throw in a ‘but it’s Trump’s fault’ qualifier.

Maybe Manchin is just waiting to see which way the wind blows on this one? Do the radicals hold more sway with the general public or do the more conservative/moderates on the Republican side?

Meantime the people pulling Biden’s strings have sent him out of town. He’s in Europe attending the G20 Summit. They must be trying to make him look presidential with a few photo ops and a distraction from the narrative back home. Should we tell them?

IF YOU CANT WIN BY THE RULES… HIRE A CROOK, LIAR, AND SMEAR OPPONENT: Terry McAuliffe Hires Marc Elias – The Man Behind Steele Dossier and Nearly Every Democrat 2020 Election Lawsuit – Evans News Report

FOX News reported on Thursday that Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign made a late-game push before the election, spending nearly $60,000 on a high-profile attorney known for representing Democrats and masterminding some election-related legal challenges. McAuliffe’s campaign spent $53,680 on the services of the Elias Law Group, a new firm started earlier this year… Source: DEVELOPING: Terry McAuliffe Hires Marc Elias – The Man Behind Steele Dossier and Nearly Every Democrat 2020 Election Lawsuit

IF YOU CANT WIN BY THE RULES… HIRE A CROOK, LIAR, AND SMEAR OPPONENT: Terry McAuliffe Hires Marc Elias – The Man Behind Steele Dossier and Nearly Every Democrat 2020 Election Lawsuit – Evans News Report