Why DID People Vote For Our Fearless Leader, POTUS Cornholio? (actually, a serious look at what happened in 2020)

Why did people vote for Joe Biden? What was his platform? Anyone know what his policies would be? Not really, right? He didn’t campaign. The only thing i ever saw Joe running for was the ice cream truck and i’m not kidding. You never could quite figure out what he stood for.Did it matter?

He wasn’t Trump.Right there was the sole reason most people voted for Biden.So when the Biden admin goes from crisis to crisis [of its own making] & edges our country closer to 3rd world status the left all but yawns. In their minds he’s not Trump and that’s all that matters.You would think they’d consider the shape our country is in under Joe or is it possible in their world everything’s coming up roses? Joe says it’s all good so it must be all good? Trump caused all the bad stuff? Is this how they’re thinking?

The question is, what was horrible enough under Trump that would convince people to vote for Biden? We know there was fraud in the swing states. We know the whole process was rigged. If people would have had enough sense not to vote Biden it might not have mattered that it was rigged. I can’t for the life of me figure out what was horrible enough under Trump to cause anyone to vote for Joe.

What i hear most often on Twitter from the left is that Trump was a dictator.Russian Agent or Putin Puppet is a close second & to this day comes up. Trump is a fascist which Antifa used to justify their insurrection against him. Maxine Waters and Rashida Talib made it clear they were going to impeach Trump and get him out of office before he was sworn in.Did none of the liberals know about spygate? i hear Trump is a racist but i figure everyone is a racist anyway.Caveat, except liberals. Joe Biden supported segregation. That’s clearly evidence of racism but i never heard anyone accuse Joe of being racist except his VP Kamala Harris during their primary.

It was obvious during the campaign Joe was not mentally up to speed. It looked like dementia.Maybe alzheimer’s. All i know is you could see he wasn’t mentally fit to be in the oval office.Now that he’s there, it’s worse.How could anyone think it was a good idea to vote for someone in his condition?

IMHO the left simply does not live in reality.

i’m also absolutely convinced Trump won n a landslide and the 81 million votes Biden supposedly got is a stretch. You mean to tell me Biden got more of the black vote than Obama?

The big question i have is why anyone voted for him at all.

I’d love to hear from a Biden supporter.