President Trump Did Not Concede

It’s 2021 and you’re watching Joe Biden take a wrecking ball to everything Trump accomplished for the country. You can’t believe anyone picked this candidate over getting a 2nd term of Trump.

I can understand why Obama would pick Joe to serve his 3rd term for him. Can you think of anyone better?

Joe knows where the bodies are buried.

Joe is easily controlled and manipulated. He may not know everything that is going on but he will definitely go along.

Joe was a candidate the Dems could present as a moderate. He wasn’t but they could get him over a lot easier than the other candidates. They’d have a tougher sell.

He was Obama’s VP. Obama and the Dems may have figured that would be a good selling point.

It makes perfect sense Obama would pick Joe to be their candidate. For the life of me I can’t figure out where Kamala fits into this plot. She couldn’t get support from her own party, didn’t make it as far as Iowa and dropped out. She wasn’t well liked even in Democrat circles. So why on earth did they pick her? The ONLY reason i can think of is that Obama liked her.

Obama was behind Joe getting the nomination and just as likely was behind Kamala as VP pick.We know elections are rigged. Remember when Sen Bernie Sanders was knocking it out of the park on the Democrat side? So who ended up as their nominee?

Hillary Clinton.

Trump kept saying it was all rigged. People blew him off.

It was rigged on the Republican side too but Trump was having none of it. Unfortunately he had more than his own Republican establishment to take on.

Obama didn’t stay in DC just so his daughters could finish school there. Obama has been running a shadow government all along. They tried to defeat Trump in 2016. When it failed and he was still elected [in spite of them] they didn’t stop just because he was elected. They spent 4 yr trying to get him out of office and destroy him.

They were determined not to have 2020 be a repeat of 2016 and that meant whatever they had to do.

“They” encompasses a large group of people.We’re doing a big picture view here. The details aren’t going to matter for what we are going to get to. Suffice it to say they were corrupt enough to pull off the Russia Collusion Hoax with their partners in the media(cable news, Twitter,Facebook etc.).It’s all one cabal. The media is not a separate entity. If you think their job is to report the news you are badly mistaken. Their job is to provide cover for the Marxists in DC and that includes Joe Biden; especially for Joe Biden at this point.

A group of people corrupt enough to abuse the power of the FBI, DOJ, the whole intel community, the DOD and FISA court then LIE to the American people for 4 yrs is corrupt enough to steal an election. They are a group of people who would have done anything to keep Trump out of office. LEGAL OR ILLEGAL. The Constitution they swore to uphold means nothing to them. All words.

Jim Jordan nailed it. Finally, someone in Congress used the term communism.

The night of the fake election we saw what was going on. We were pretty suspicious a good end was not going to come of it. Trump won and then the cabal pulled the rug from under our feet. One thing we can take heart with, is that Trump DID NOT CONCEDE. Concede is a formal declaration the losing candidate makes when he calls the ‘winner’ and verbally tells that candidate. Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump in 2016 and verbally communicated her concession to him in 2016. Trump did not do it with Joe. The media spun that one, like they do everything else. When Trump picks up the phone, calls Joe and verbally communicates a concession directly to Joe then he’s actually conceded. Did he accept the results and leave the White House? Sure did. Did he accept the results as legit? NOPE.

Trump saw everything we saw election night. Trump was hoping that there would be a remedy on Jan 6 just like we hoped. What if Pence had objected to the certification of the electors? We are all of us prepared to accept the chaos that MIGHT have ensued?

So here we are and the first question is where IS here and the follow up question is what can we do?

Here is the electors were certified on Jan 6. Biden was handed the electoral votes required. The left was claiming Trump would never leave the White House if he lost. There was a reason for that narrative.They were cheating and they had to cover their butts just in case they got nailed.When the electors were certified they were safely over the finish line. Trump did leave the White House contrary to their false narrative.

Twitter and Facebook banned him. I don’t care what reason they gave, they would have banned him no matter what. The plan is to cut off communication with his base and the general public so eventually-at least they believe-his influence wanes. Typically,but for rare instances in history, that is what happens.We can all recall the Reagan Revolution. It inspired the conservative movement for years and still does. What the left doesn’t get is the MAGA movement.Never did, never will. What the GOP establishment doesn’t get and never will is the MAGA movement.

Short of a hot civil war there is no way on earth we’ll have Trump back in the White House now. i wish there were a provision in the Constitution to have the current administration removed and our rightful President sworn in. If wishes were horses,beggars would ride my Uncle Bobby used to say.

We know the left will use violence and they wouldn’t have any problem with a hot civil war. We love our country too much to go down that road. We saw what Antifa did the day Trump was sworn in and we saw what Antifa and BLM did in 2020 for a whole year. They made it clear their goal was to get Trump out of office in his first term and they made it clear again in 2020 they would resort to violence to keep him out of office for a 2nd term. They stated their goal publicly. That’s called an insurrection. They targeted cities, police, police departments federal buildings, innocent people. They used arson, vandalism, assault and even murder. They attacked the White House. The Secret Service moved Pres Trump and his family out of harms way.They [Secret Service] suffered injuries themselves protecting the outside parameters of the White House. The legacy media never covered any of this.

We’re not powerless. We can turn out the vote in 2022 and we KNOW Trump is going to run in 2024. There’s more of us than there are of them. They know that there’s more of us. They know Trump won too and they’re scared to death he could win in 2024. Of course they’re going to try and intimidate us. Of course they’re going to use every b.s. Saul Alinsky tactic they can. Turn the Alinsky rules around on them. The one thing they really can’t stand is being mocked and made fun of. Double down.

I was hoping as much as anyone [especially Trump]that Pence would have drummed up the courage to do the right thing. Trump held the rally that day to influence Pence.It was the last best shot to turn it around. There was no insurrection on Jan 6 no matter how many times that lie is repeated. Trump planned for the rally and a peaceful march to the Capitol Bldg. That was it. If we really wanted to have an insurrection i have no doubt we could do it, know what it would look like and it certainly wasn’t the spontaneous riot at the Capitol Bldg.We wouldn’t need Trump to initiate it either. Sorry libs but we’re going to do things the right way and show up to vote instead.

It doesn’t mean we can’t pressure the state legislators to do a forensic audit of the 2020 election.Call and/or email these legislators. It’s probably not going to change the outcome now but we MUST get our election laws up to speed and ensure we have election integrity going forward. Make it easy to vote, hard to cheat.We’ll definitely need that for 22 and 24. We also want the truth to be told about the last election. I think everyone knows-even the Democrats-that something wasn’t right about the 2020 election.The liberals/Marxists can call it voter suppression all they want. Most of the American people get what the deal is and support a fair and honest system.

We can stand up to Biden and his Marxist cohorts. First you have to call them what they are,Marxists. Jim Jordan was the first representative i’ve heard use the word communism instead of progressive.

Stand up to your local school boards and let them know that CRT and leftist ideology will not be taught in our schools. We oppose indoctrination in place of education. We have the right to be heard.

Run for office yourself. There’s no reason the MAGA movement can’t affect local and state elections. Back the MAGA candidates that are running. They need our moral and financial support.Stay in touch with other people who are MAGA. Organize local groups and work on voter turn out. Get the message out every chance you get.

i wish i could say money doesn’t matter but when it comes to elections it does. Donate what you can.

Yes, they are likely to try and cheat. Yes, there is likely to be some fraud. Take the Virginia race with McCauliff and Youngkin. i’m guessing some Republicans feel like what’s the use and the Dems would like nothing better than low turn out on the Republican side-when you know there might be some fraud that’s even MORE reason to turn out the vote. Yes,Youngkin can win but not if people stay home. You vote-you get 10 people to vote Youngkin with you. IMHO it’s just better to ignore the polls. For one you can’t really trust them. For another, polls don’t count,votes do. I’ve never seen a poll determine an election.EVER.

A sure way to support Pres. Trump is to support MAGA candidates. Most of us are not donating to the RNC. We’re donating directly to the candidates of OUR choosing. Register for Trump’s new platform coming up in Jan.Truth Social.

I was banned on Facebook but as much as I can’t stand Twitter I’m going to use it until i’m banned. Don’t care-they can ban me. I’m only stayingt there until Trump’s Truth Social opens up. Then Jack and i are going to part company. I make a point of tweeting to the legacy media accounts and Biden’s @POTUS account. I have a new name for the account. I address it as @POTUS Cornholio and sign off Let’s Go Brandon. You can definitely join Twitter if you like. You could open a blog and support Trump. Join the Trump group at Reddit.

I’m of the mind it’s time to fight every battle on every front possible and that means NON VIOLENT activity. We’re not sinking to their level. Violence is a sign of desperation and it rarely accomplishes the goal you intend to reach.

Tomorrow we’ll have a discussion of Mark Levin’s 7th chapter of American Marxism where he offers suggestions and ideas of how we can fight the good fight going forward. I believe it will be helpful to our MAGA movement.