I’m Sorry, But this is NOT What Our Military is For

Warning:Some people may find the opinion here offensive and insensitive. I’ve always been a “if you think it,say it” person. Naturally, there are situations where it is better to stay silent. We don’t always have to be brutally honest. Society wouldn’t last long if people always thought out loud.You could accuse me of lacking empathy here though and possibly be right. I realize we all have family members we love who have the problems i mention here.i had a very close friend who openly admitted to me he was gay. We remained friends. There wasn’t a darned thing i could do about his lifestyle. It’s up to a person to determine their own future. i can’t do that for anyone. i can tell you how i feel about a problem.What you do with the opinion is YOUR call. Here we’re talking mainly[but not limited to] about the military and that makes it a whole different issue.

When you sign up for one of the branches of the military you are leaving your civilian life behind. If the military wants to implement a vaccine mandate for its soldiers it can. This transgender/homosexual agenda shoved on the military is another matter.

It’s a bridge too far. You are not going to like this opinion and end up calling me a homophobe. Fine with me-i don’t believe there is such a thing. It’s nonsense. I feel for people who have these problems-homosexual attraction or identifying as a gender you are not-but they are both sexual perversions.

Homosexual marriage was deemed legal by the Supreme Court. The problem is that the only way to legalize homosexual marriage is to redefine what marriage is. At that point it’s no longer marriage. Marriage is the union of a man and women for life.

“Dr. Rachel Levine, the nation’s most senior transgender official, made history again Tuesday by becoming the first openly transgender four-star officer…

A homosexual ‘marriage’ cannot be consummated. Homosexuals typically do not remain monogamous. They frequently change partners, even when they are ‘married.’ FACTS

The relationship between a male and female-husband and wife-is complementary.

There is no such thing as a husband and wife in a homosexual ‘marriage.’ It’s husband and husband or wife and wife. In short, NOT a marriage. It’s never a complementary relationship. They can change partners frequently but it’s still going to be male/male or female/female.

Bisexual is even more open to promiscuity. If it breathes it’s attractive. IMHO that speaks more to behavior than the argument born that way. I’ve never seen any scientific evidence that homosexual/bisexual people are ‘born that way’.

Now they want to adopt children and raise them as witnesses to a perverted relationship when children need socialization to form their own sexual identity.

We have no idea what the long term consequences of this kind of socialization are going to be. After the fact is a little late to be finding out. Children deserve a mother and father to parent them. I know there are situations where it’s not possible but we do them no favors making it the rule, not the exception.

i know there are people who identify with the opposite gender & have problems but they should work out those problems in civilian life not impose it on the military. Personally they need mental health counseling, not surgery.

You can change a physical appearance but you cannot change your gender. Who says so? SCIENCE. You are homosexual. Keep it in civilian life-not impose it on the military.

You’re transgender. Keep it in civilian life-not impose it on the military.

They have 1 duty-protect and defend especially when they are called to battle. It’s about being ready for military action and answering the call when it comes in. It’s not a place to be working out your sexual proclivities or confusion about gender.You have psychiatric problems, do not be joining the military; seek help.

I’m ignorant, cruel and intolerant? IMHO it’s ignorant, cruel and intolerant not to tell people they have a problem. People deserve the truth. As far as i can see people who are homosexual, bisexual, transgender can’t get well until we can admit they are ill.

Maybe it’d be more accurate and kinder to use the term disordered rather than perverted. Perversion means you have a normal behavior TO pervert. Isn’t that the case? I would say it’s because we think so highly of marriage.

The definition of pervert is

: to turn use to aside or away from what is good or true or morally right : CORRUPT or to divert to a wrong use or purpose: MISUSE.

I’d say that’s accurate and the term disordered substituted for perverted is just splitting hairs.

The nuclear family is under attack. It’s the foundation of civilized society. Without the foundation it starts falling apart. We don’t bring it into our military and cause problems we don’t need. When do we start defending the nuclear family with the tenacity they defend alternate lifestyles? What about people in the military who object as a matter of conscience? What if it violates their religious beliefs?

You can debate the vaccine mandate for our armed forces. There isn’t a good enough reason to force military personnel to accept destructive behaviors like being openly ‘gay’ or transgenderism.

It certainly doesn’t contribute to military cohesiveness.

I think very highly of our military preparedness; not USING the military for the social justice warriors. They’re incorporating CRT too. All the proof we need there’s an agenda in play here.

CRT is Marxist. Where does it have a place in the U.S. military?