Why They MUST Teach CRT,Remove Statues of the Founding Fathers, Make Sure the Useful Idiots are “Woke” & Destroy Morality-among other cultural norms and traditions

It seems like they are trying to destroy our history and our culture. It’s because they are.There’s a reason. Communism and Fascism have always had a reason. It’s the first thing the Communist party did in Russia and China. It’s the first thing Hitler did in Germany.

There was a Polish priest named Karol Wojtyła,who became Cardinal Wojtyła,who eventually became Pope John Paul II. He understood communism and fascism very well having lived under both regimes in Poland. The first thing Hitler did was-besides his mad plan of exterminating the Jewish race-remove religious symbols, crack down on religious practices, burn books and murder professors.

If you are a regime that intends to rule with an iron fist and install your ideology you have to erase the culture, traditions and HISTORY of the country you have invaded..

It’s why a young Karol chose to go underground with Polish works (plays)rather than take up a weapon. He understood that they had to fight back not only against the military occupation of his country but their destruction of all that was Polish.

It’s exactly what the Marxist left is doing here. The destruction of religion isn’t just an anti religious fervor but the necessity to replace the God of Judaism and Christianity with the god of the state.Of course, they would have to destroy morality.

It serves several purposes, First it’s a distraction. You’re seeking your own pleasure over here while they’re ‘fundamentally transforming’ your own country. Second, it gives you a weak goal. It isn’t called ‘seeking pleasure’ for nothing.

You’re never going to get there because it’s an end in itself. Finally, there is the ultimate goal-if you’re going to remove God you have to destroy the tenets of a religion that accepts God. Eventually people will forget God even exists. Then boom, with all goals accomplished, they can lower the hammer. The mask will come off. Do the useful idiots get to escape?

Of course not. Our borders, military, laws, Constitution, God given rights are all gone. The same institutions that protected us, also protected the useful idiots, but they were ‘woke’ and didn’t see it coming.

You know why they’re destroying our military?

It’s not just to make our country weak. It is but that’s only a secondary goal. They fear our military eventually defending our Constitution from its domestic enemies-THEM.

President Trump was right. They would start with the statues of the Confederate Generals (as cover)then go onto the founding fathers such as Washington and Jefferson. They’ll use their justified outrage over slavery as cover but the real purpose of the men behind the curtain is to destroy our history. Start with the small stuff,work up to the big stuff.It’s not moral superiority. It’s MARXISM/COMMUNISM in disguise.