Holy Cow there’s a lot of good articles in the WP Reader!

You’re going to have to give me a couple days [at least] to go through all these, read through and pick the cream of the crop that relate well to the America First blog. Is there really that much news to cover? Sure is. What a week!! Biden keeps us busy doesn’t he?

Some Trump news too; far more uplifting.

I will be back with some great stuff to share. In case you can’t tell am pretty excited.

It’s also the case it’s a busy week on the home front too. I have a visiting nurse coming in to do an evaluation and tell me how high my blood pressure is again.Always. It’s white coat syndrome. Any other time it’s fairly normal. As soon as she leaves, i’ll be fine. Husband has a b-12 shot to get at the dr. office. Last but not least i’m going out of town, likely on Thursday,for a back x-ray i’ve put off. The family doctor is having a fit and wants it soon. Warning: this is what you have to look forward to as you get older.