Ben Shapiro is Another One with the Password to the Clubhouse

i’m beginning to think the password is ‘I know better than you” but that’s just a guess. It could be anything.

There are a host of other people who also think conservatism or the Republican party is an elite club that only a few may join; of course of their choosing. If you don’t have their password you aint getting in. Sorry-they’re in charge of the door and the club. Open sesame doesn’t work either.

Meanwhile as crappy as Biden and the other Marxists in the Democrat party are they will unify no matter what.Their first goal is to annihilate Trump and once he’s finally out of the way to annihilate us. He warned us about this and once they got him out of office we see how they ARE going after us.They don’t care how lousy their candidate is. They will unite behind that candidate and do whatever it takes to win.We are going to need a unified front with just as much determination to defeat them. What they don’t get is that Trump is not going to be out of their hair and we’re not going anywhere either.

Fact: no matter who the Republicans put up as candidates they are not going to win without the Trump base. Good luck with that.

Conclusion: Ben et al you keep your little passworded club house. Trump expanded the base and reached out to minority communities.We are NOT going to shrink the party again after all the effort Trump put in to rejuvenating a GOP on life support.

When the party asked me vote Bush,i did. When the party asked me to vote for McCain one time and Romney the next, i did. Plugged my nose when it came time to vote McCain and Romney. i could have stayed home,but didn’t. The Romney vote is the one i regret the most. Lost all respect for him,what little i had, when he turned out to be an avid Never Trumper.

We can’t afford any infighting or divisiveness. Trump will run in 2024 and basically get his rightful 2nd term he was cheated out of in 2020. I will proudly vote for him a 3rd time. He will run and win Shapiro. Take that to the bank and cash the check.IF you [there’s a few others too]convince people not to support Trump then Biden-or who ever they have on that side in ’24-will probably win. Do us a favor: as my dad used to say,if you can’t say anything nice about someone,don’t say anything at all.The Never Trumpers who voted Biden ought to be real proud of themselves. When we needed them to plug THEIR noses like we used to do they bailed on us.

Leave Trump alone, know that we’re not interested in *the establishment and their shenanigans,* stay in your little club house, amuse yourself with the idea that you’re way smarter than we are-we have a country to save. I agree with you more often than not. It’s your smugness that’s hard to take.Don’t screw up 2024 before we get there. We have enough to deal with now.

Remember i said this:Trump will run. Trump will win. It will be a landslide.

You seem to think that if Trump runs it will be a repeat and they will take him out. i’m sure it will be a repeat. We could take a less ‘dangerous’ candidate the Dems would accept and it wouldn’t be half the battle it will be with Trump. No thanks. We’re not doing that uniparty dance again. If we take another ‘dangerous’ candidate the Dems won’t accept what makes you think they won’t sic the Deep State on that candidate?

Candidate 2 won’t survive. Trump DID! Let’s not forget that decisive 2016 win against the Clinton,Obama,Soros machine. Look at the number of electoral votes he pulled in 2016. Nothing to sneeze at Shapiro. He can do it again.

Tell me we haven’t learned a few things from 2020. i know if we don’t end up in 2 camps (or even 3)we’re going to have one noteworthy victory. There’s the IF. i strongly suggest we don’t do it. You’ve already started. Unbelievable. SMH.i can hope people don’t follow you over that cliff.

*the establishment and their shenanigans,* aka the DC swamp

Trump 2024