Decision Time

At the end of this month-October-i’m deleting the Donate button. i want to thank the 2 people who were willing to help out here by making a donation. They were the only 2 so i’m incredibly grateful. i had 10k followers on Twitter. If you can’t get a few donations out of that’ something is wrong. I get the hint.

Once this subscription runs out i am NOT going pro again. If the free WP doesn’t match up to the standard i wanted to maintain then i will be dropping WP altogether and finding other ways to support the election of MAGA candidates and of course President Trump when he makes his final announcement. Once we get on our feet here i can always come back; while 128.00 doesn’t seem like much it’s everything when you live on a fixed income. We had a little set back and at this point we’re treading water. Given the priorities i’ve gone over this seems to be the best decision possible.

I’ve been able to keep up the last 3 yr. No problem. Never asked for a dime.Never had to. i wasn’t going to put up a tip jar because this was never about making money in the first place. Unfortunately due to my husband’s health crisis back in 2020 and other circumstances the 128 i put into the blog hit hard. i have had the Donate button up for some time and evidently it is not very effective. I will finish the month out then take it out. If it’s been annoying i apologize. i made it as unobtrusive as possible while trying to make it somewhat attention getting.

As i said, if the free version-although it probably comes with ads-doesn’t sacrifice too much quality will stick around. i have some time left yet thankfully. This is not a set in stone decision yet. It really is dependent on how the free version goes.