The Democrats Had 2 Plots Going in the 2020 Election

I had forgotten about the Democrats plot prior to the 2020 election besides the election steal. Sometimes you have that moment when a lightbulb goes off, right? I’ve been so angry about Biden and the consequences of his installation that everything else has been a blur. Know the feeling?

So we’re going to go back in time and look at BOTH plots. These people are corrupt but they’re not totally dense.

They count on their base as being totally stupid.

First of all we have to ask ourselves, why would these people pull any of this crap?

Simple: 2016.

They threw everything they had at Trump in 2016 including the Russia Collusion story and he still won. They were not going to let it happen again in 2020. They couldn’t use the first plot again so they didn’t have much left.

i know they even floated the idea to use the 25th amendment but figured they might not get his cabinet on board-to be specific i think that idea was hatched by Speaker Pelosi or at least she’d have been the one to initiate the process.

These people were corrupt AND desperate. People who are corrupt and desperate will do almost anything even ignoring any terrible consequences that could happen. If you want power that badly there is something wrong with you. The Russia Collusion Hoax was as corrupt as it gets involving our own FBI. The impeachment was a farce.

The idea that they would even try the 25th amendment to get Trump out of office says a lot about these people. Put it altogether it looks like they were tossing everything they could think of at him and hoping something would stick.What they were left with was keeping him out of office in 2020 whatever it took.

First they had to have a plot just in case Trump won. They had a pretty good plot to stop that from happening but they weren’t going to take any chances. This is the part i had forgotten about.

Remember the Trump was removing mail boxes story? Yes, it sounds stupid as hell to people with half a brain cell but remember there were people who bought into all their other lies. There were also people who didn’t care if it was a lie as long as it worked.

Aug 16, 2020

Photographs documenting the removal of US Postal Service collection boxes went viral on social media as leftists bought into the hoax that President Donald Trump is literally stealing the election from mail-in voters. The USPS was just removing the old ones.

Glenn Beck was onto it back in Aug 2020. He did several videos laying it out almost to a T.Give or take only a couple points he was off on, he had it figured out. In case Trump would win in spite of their fraud they had to have a narrative laid out suggesting Trump was capable of ‘stealing the election.’ You see this way if he did win,they could claim he really didn’t. This was their ‘head him off at the pass’ move.

In a nutshell what they’re trying to do here is set Trump up to look like he stole the election in case he does win while they’re plotting in various states to steal the election themselves.

Meanwhile there is another backdrop to all of the election shenanigans. Antifa/BLM are rioting in the streets and causing chaos.Recall back in 2016 when Trump was elected how Antifa took to the streets causing mayhem and destruction especially when Trump was sworn in.

They had the expressed goal of getting Trump out of office. They were not shy about admitting it. They also threatened that if he won in 2020 they would REALLY cause mayhem, chaos and violence.

The media called the 2 groups,Antifa and BLM mostly ‘peaceful protestors.’ Trump did consider designating it an insurrection and sending in troops but his Sec of Defense Esper opposed the idea.Trump dropped it. The problem was that it was actually an insurrection.

The Biden/Harris support groups were fronting the bail of Antifa/BLM when they were arrested. Ever hear Biden, Harris or the Democrats outright condemn BLM/Antifa? Truth: they supported the groups because they had a common goal.

When you clearly and publicly state the objective of your violence is the removal of a President and go so far as to attack the White House it IS an insurrection.

Of course the Democrats plotted with the media and vice versa so there wasn’t a chance on earth the wider population would have gotten wind of the White House attack. The Secret Service moved President Trump and his family into the bunker and other agents defended the outside parameters of the White House.

There were Secret Service agents injured in the attack. Clearly, you could designate Antifa as domestic terrorists engaged in an insurrection. Yet, most people never heard about the details. The media purposely ignored the attack.

So the Democrats and media were trying to plant seeds of doubt ahead of the election for the contingency that Trump won.

Trump was banned from Twitter for questioning the results. The Hunter Biden laptop scandal was buried. The NY Post article about Hunter was kept off Twitter.

What did Hillary have to say about Trump’s election in 2016?

“He knows he’s an illegitimate President”

Funny, that she was never banned from Twitter no matter how many times she questioned Trump’s election. She proudly admitted to being part of what was known as ‘the resistance’ in another interview.

[ For that matter she was behind the Russia Hoax].

The 2 part plot wasn’t just to steal the swing states for Biden but to simultaneously be prepared in case Trump won in spite of their efforts. By the way they plotted for every possible outcome by planting the narrative [with their conspirators in the media] that if Trump ‘lost’ he might refuse to leave the White House.That wasn’t a flippant comment either. They mentioned it often for a reason.

For now i’ll say what i’ve been saying all along. Biden did not win.Trump won in a landslide.It’s not wishful thinking. It’s not solely bias though it’s obvious i supported Trump and still do.If Biden had won i wouldn’t have been thrilled but would have moved on a long time ago and started getting ready for 22 and 24. i am of course but i wouldn’t continue to beat the drum over 2020 either. i’m going to keep beating that drum because it’s true.

These people were corrupt enough to break laws and use our intel agencies to keep Trump out of office in 2016.They threatened people from the day he was sworn in.They mentioned impeachment before he was even sworn in. The corruption in 2016 was something i never expected to see in our own country. This is third world banana republic behavior.

Think about it:

They abused the FISA court, planted illegal leaks with a willing media, corrupted our highly regarded FBI and spied on a presidential campaign before he was sworn into office: they spied on him after he was sworn into office. He was a private citizen and then a sitting President.Hard to say which was worse; spying on him as a private citizen or as a sitting President.

If you don’t think these people were corrupt and desperate enough to steal an election in 2020 you’re nuts or in denial.