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The Russia Collusion lie and Biden Lap Top cover up was corrupt enough. The Biden is a moderate who cares about people and is warm, calm and competent while Trump was evil and bad for America ranks up there too though it was just a narrative. It can get a pass as dishonest as it was. What doesn’t get a pass is the cover up for Biden. What really ranks up there as corrupt is the total lie about the Jan 6 break in at the Capitol Building as being a Trump led “insurrection.”

I didn’t think you could top any of these-and several in between-but you have. This one is the most inexcusable and that’s saying a lot.

A father in Loudoun County, Virginia learned his 14 yr old daughter [ or 15 by some reports] was raped in the school bathroom. The school board covered it up so they could pass their transgender policy and sent the alleged rapist to another school; where he assaulted another student. The father was angry, acted out and the board called in the police.He was arrested. Did anyone in the media even bother to check out this story and get the facts on the ground? Have any of you read a description of the assault? It’s disgusting. Next, of all things, the DOJ under Garland sends out a memo basically saying that parents who confront their school boards would be considered terrorists and investigated by our own FBI.

Thank you Joe Biden for another attempt at shutting down free speech,assembly, the right to associate and air grievances against the government because it disagrees with your agenda for OUR schools and asking the FBI to do something they have no authority to do;it’s a local matter. Worse BLM/ Antifa actually got involved in an insurrection and admitted it; although Trump declined to send in the military and rightfully shut it down.They committed arson, assaulted officers, burnt down cities and yes even murdered some people yet you called them and i quote, “mostly peaceful protestors.” Now a dad angry over his 14 yr old daughter being raped is dismissed and lied to and is considered a domestic terrorist.

Can you imagine if this was your daughter? We have to listen to your crap on tv when you don’t even bother to ask legitimate questions? Your job is to work for Biden?

If all of you weren’t so involved in taking down Trump and covering up for Biden maybe we’d get some real news that matters?Maybe the FBI could do what they are supposed to be doing? Unfortunately since the Russia Hoax they’re too involved in covering up their own corruption and doing Biden’s bidding to bother with REAL crime.

The least you people could have done is look into Loudoun County,Va. and TRY to do some real journalism. This father has already been through hell.If ANY of you have kids you better think real hard about this one and have a conscience for a change. After everything Biden has put our country through this one is one is the hardest to take. It’s a bridge too far. Parents will stand up and will push back now for sure. Count on it.

They will not be intimidated when it’s their kids at stake. They can’t all be arrested. Domestic terrorists…smh