Claims that Fraud Allegations in the 2020 Election are False are Currently Impossible.

“Despite victorious and dumb claims from the left, recounts only count ballots again. Recounts do not tell us if the ballots are legal or not. ” Exactly.Only a forensic audit can tell you how you got that count.That is, whether a vote was legal or illegal.great article.Again,another MUST read from the Dragon Pundit. A share would be appreciated. The article is important!

America is a Republic!

Why Are So Many Election Ballots Confusing? : NPR

It’s time someone steps back and comments on the election of 2020 and it’s problems using logic and facts.

Fact 1 – Failed lawsuits to halt certification and losses by Trump in court to force recounts or audits are easily explained. Unlike the committing of an ordinary crime and it’s statute of limitations, election fraud is almost impossible to prove before certification ends. That is because there is literally no time and the States hold all the evidence: the ballots, the routers, the computers, the logs…and judgments remove the ability to prosecute before any election is in the books. Reports of lost Trump lawsuits before certification mean very little despite triumphant nonsense from the Left.

Fact 2 – This is a philosophical, epistemological. and logical point: Unless the source of a claim thoroughly investigates the ballots and processes in individual battleground and bellwether districts, their claims that allegations of fraud…

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