AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Speaks At Trump Rally In Des Moines: “34,000 Or 35,000 Fictitious Voters – We Believe We Found Them.”

Finchem: He was able to pull the curtain back and reveal the rot, and the self-serving, and the corruption in Washington DC. Your consent to be governed goes hand in hand with your right to examine, audit, and question your government. But the left would tell you “Oh, wait a minute. Audits undermine your confidence in the election.” Seriously? No, what undermines is the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of fictitious voters in the system. We have ballots and nobody knows where they came from. So with all the evidence, I think the Lord’s got a message here with this whole audit thing, don’t you? With all the evidence of incompetence and criminality, that’s been presented to the Arizona Senate, to Congress and now to the Arizona Attorney General, the Maricopa County 2020 election, cannot be allowed to stand. It must be decertified. And set aside. There’s more. I love it when I say that. But wait there’s more. If you’ll go to, there’s a button at the top that calls for an audit of Pima County. That is the second most populous county in the state of Arizona, where we had a whistleblower who sent an email not just to the DOJ but to every single legislator saying, there’s 34,000 or 35,000 fictitious voters, and they’ve been inserted in system, and we’re going to never find them. Well, we believe we found them.

Source: AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Speaks At Trump Rally In Des Moines: “34,000 Or 35,000 Fictitious Voters – We Believe We Found Them.”

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Why Did You Vote Biden? At Least It’s Not Trump

who wouldn’t rather have economic collapse, a dismal employment number, high gas prices, inflation, rising violent crime and a security risk with ‘moderate’ Joe than the booming Trump economy, border security , law and order and Middle East Peace? Who wants a job, groceries you can afford, rising wages and 2.00 per gallon gas with energy independence? We’d rather have a President that begs OPEC & gets told to pound sand.We have to beg OPEC because we don’t want to harm the environment- we’re just willing to let the other oil producing countries do it anyway. Got it. Makes sense.

Welcome to our carbon (no pun intended) copy of VENEZUELA because it’s not Trump and we didn’t like his great policies and hands on governance. Hands on governance is hard work and gets results. That crazy Trump. Biden just has to sit back and let everything implode.

I wouldn’t worry though. As long as the media says everything is coming up roses under Biden then it must be coming up roses. As long as the media told you Trump was a Russian Agent he must have been a Russian Agent.