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Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors in Anti-Trump Conspiracy | RealClearInvestigations

Take Note. Excerpt from article:

One of the campaign representatives with whom Joffe coordinated was Jake Sullivan, who was acting as Clinton’s foreign policy adviser, as RealClearInvestigations first reported. Now serving in the White House as President Biden’s national security adviser, Sullivan is under scrutiny for statements he made under oath to Congress about his knowledge of the Trump-Alfa research project. In a potential conflict of interest, Attorney General Merrick Garland employed Sullivan’s wife Maggie as a law clerk when he was a federal judge. Garland controls the purse strings to Durham’s investigation and whether his final report will be released to the public.

Full Article Here: Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors in Anti-Trump Conspiracy | RealClearInvestigations

Did Jake Sullivan commit perjury? Emails reveal ‘lie’ on Trump

Jake Sullivan, national security adviser in the Biden administration, may be guilty of perjury related to the Hillary Clinton campaign’s dirty tricks against Donald Trump.

Last week, Michael A. Sussmann, a partner at Perkins Coie, a law firm representing the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of making false statements to the FBI about his clients and their motives behind planting the rumor, at the highest levels of the FBI, of a secret Trump-Russia server

.The indictment states that Sussmann, as well as the cyber experts recruited for the operation, “coordinated with representatives and agents of the Clinton campaign with regard to the data and written materials that Sussmann gave to the FBI and the media.

”One of those campaign agents was Sullivan, according to emails that special counsel John Durham obtained.

On Sept. 15, 2016 — just four days before Sussmann handed off the materials to the FBI — Marc Elias, Sussmann’s law partner and fellow Democratic Party operative, “exchanged emails with the Clinton campaign’s foreign policy adviser concerning the Russian bank allegations,” as well as with other top campaign officials, the indictment states.

Sources close to the case confirmed the “foreign policy adviser” referenced by title is Sullivan.They say Sullivan was briefed on the development of the opposition-research materials — which tried to allege that a “secret” server of the Trump organization was communicating with Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The conspiracy theory, pushed by opposition firm Fusion GPS, was later dismissed, as the “communication” was likely marketing emails.

Source: Did Jake Sullivan commit perjury? Emails reveal ‘lie’ on Trump

(153) Durham Probe Expanding Says Devin Nunes into Investigation of Top Intel Chiefs – YouTube

And the Democrats weren’t corrupt enough to steal the election for Biden by fixing the elections in the critical states? They didn’t have to rig all 50 states. They would do anything to stop Trump and they proved that over and over.They’re STILL trying.


The very night of the election many people saw something that they had never seen before in the history of our elections. They saw votes being changed on the screen in front of them, going from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. On top of that, the morning after the election, even that night, the voting stopped. They stopped counting in multiple districts at the same time before the vote got to 270 electors for President Trump. That’s never happened before. The only time votes have ever stopped being counted in this country on election night was when the Broward County problem developed over Hanging Chad’s in one county in FL. So for FIVE states to stop counting on election night is absolutely UNPRECEDENTED. And they did it because the vote count for the electoral college was about to hit [+ go over] 270 for President Donald Trump, because of the massive outpouring of votes for him that night. By the next morning, multiple mathematicians had contacted me and told me they knew the algorithm that had been run to change the votes. It was that obvious to people with mathematical expertise. It is a mathematical impossibility for 100’s of thousands of votes to show up for VP Biden alone and to have been injected into the system the way that they were. We have eye-witness testimony of countless people who saw votes coming in, in unsecured containers and improper means and looking different the night of the election. These people have come forward at great personal risk to themselves & their families to provide thousands of affidavits of voting abnormalities and actual crimes that they witnessed happen on election night. The very fact that the other side is working so hard to hide all of this. Federal law requires transparency in our electoral process and our elections.”

We saw it with our own 2 eyes but the media will keep telling you that you didn’t see it. If you think the Democrats would never do such a thing you need your head examined.They had no use for laws in the 2016 election when they came up with the Russia Hoax. The media had no use for honest reporting; instead they helped the Democrats with the Russia Hoax, the impeachments, the Ukraine lie, the Alpha Bank lie to name a few. Yet, they buried the Hunter Laptop Scandal and it was actually TRUE.

They would do anything legal or illegal. When you realize it, then you know that what you saw against Trump was a coup. Biden should never have been installed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some Republicans who either helped them out or just looked the other way.

3 MILLION tune into RSBN’s Trump rally coverage in Iowa! – Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)

The MAGA movement is alive and well as about three million Americans tuned into RSBN’s stream of President Donald Trump’s “Save America” rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday night.Not even some of college football’s biggest games of the year including Iowa vs. Penn State, and Auburn vs. Georgia, could deter Americans from tuning into President Trump’s anticipated remarks.

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