Knives Out Already?

A person on Twitter (did not ask permission to use name)who is well known and credible tweeted that a certain Republican is planning to try and primary Pres Trump. i’m not going to give that ‘potential’ Republican challenger any name recognition. Let’s put it this way; it is not someone you would expect. i’m pretty certain that any name you might speculate about is probably NOT the one. For the point i’m going to make here it doesn’t really matter. What bothered me is the knives for Trump came out so quickly;even some of the people who replied on Twitter sounded enthused about going along.Thankfully it was only a handful.


Governor DeSantis already made his position clear.If Trump ran,he wouldn’t. So rule that name out totally. We know Trump IS going to run. He’s made his intentions perfectly clear too. Here’s my take on why a primary challenger against Trump is a terrible move. Yes, I’m biased. I’m totally committed to voting for Trump in 2024.It’s no secret. Set aside the basis. It’s irrelevant to this point. The Trump base would definitely become bitter. i would. We all know Trump won in 2020 and without a remedy he is still due the 2nd term he earned. We are bound and determined to give it to him. i doubt a challenger could beat him anyway but it could very well divide the party and trigger infighting. NOT good. Let the Democrats fight among themselves. Trump is our best shot at winning in 2024 and the Dems are going to attack him relentlessly-we already know that-so why join their side?

I read a tweet that said we need a fresh face. Now wait a minute toots. Trump only served one term, meaning he was only seriously into politics for 4 yrs. in office and 1 yr on the campaign trail.Five years total. In the political life continuum that IS a fresh face. What exactly did she mean by fresh face? What does that have to with great policies for the country?

Trump went up against forces that no President has ever dealt with.He went up against forces that no Congressman or Governor has ever been up against. i’ll be honest & admit i had no idea how deep and wide the swamp was or how big a role the Deep State played while he was President. For that matter i never heard of the Deep State before Trump became President. He kept all his promises but were there things i wish he had done that didn’t get done? Sure were, but i also realize there were forces allied against him and it’s amazing he got anything done at all. It’s amazing he survived.

Thank God his base is loyal, resolute and determined.

In a 2nd term there would be nothing to lose making any serious moves easier to pull off.He should have deemed the Antifa/BLM riots an insurrection.Esper got in his way. President Trump probably should have told Esper to pound sand but he didn’t. I have no idea why but assume he may have had good reason not to [behind the scenes] that we’re not aware of.

Wray should have been fired but i bet you dimes to dollars he’s out the door in 2024.

Barr was a huge disappointment. i gave him the benefit of the doubt believing he would be neutral and always do the right thing. I was wrong. Total Bush guy.Trump was left out to dry.

Who could he trust in DC? Next to nobody.

I see some thorough house cleaning coming in 2024.

if the libs thought it was orange man bad in 2016 & 2020 they ‘aint’ seen nothing yet.

Trump’s picks on his economic team were stellar. He pulled off some major victories in foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East. It was a pleasant and welcome surprise. i never thought foreign policy would be his strong suite. He managed to accomplish in 4 yrs what no previous President was able to do. Now if he can just get the Deep State under his thumb and out the door!!

He will be in a far better position to do it in a 2nd term.Again, bears repeating, nothing to lose anymore and everything to gain.

There was another tweet that suggested getting a different candidate would be better because the Dems are going to run ads of the Capitol incident on Jan 6 with a Trump voice over continuously. He thought it would cost us and Trump would lose due to that. For one, nobody gives a rip about the lying media anymore except the left but let’s suppose they run that ad. He’s likely right they will.

I have a counter ad in mind. You show continuous footage of the Antifa/BLM insurrection with the Democrats blessing and do 2 voice overs. One of the Dems saying they were mostly peaceful protestors noting their funding of bail and defunding the police and another from the Trump rally on Jan 6 where he tells the crowd to march peacefully to the Capitol Building. BINGO! The Democrat ads are Neutralized

I heard the usual about his name calling and mean tweets too. They seem to think we’d do better with a ‘nice’ candidate. The establishment would go for that. Want to hear something weird? i never did get what mean tweets they were referring to. I never read any. Serious.

The name calling is known as branding and it works. Trump IS nice. Does he have hubris? Yes. A bit of an ego? Yes. Ask me if i care. One of the reasons he seems to brag at times-guess you could call it that-is because the media never says squid about his accomplishments. If he doesn’t talk about them who will? You have to be able to get your message out. Trump is known as a very nice man by the people who truly know him. I don’t believe we need a ‘nice’ candidate on the campaign trail. i don’t want anyone who is going to play footsie with the Democrats or the Republican ‘elites’. i don’t want anyone who gets a pass from saint media. That’s a red flag.The Democrats are Marxists-the majority. The Republicans are weak-the majority. We won’t forget they called Trump Hitler,Stalin, Putin’s Puppet and worse. The left has no room to talk do they? They can dish it out. They can’t take it.

You could count the moderate Democrats one one hand and the warrior Republicans on the other.

Let Trump make his formal announcement when the time comes and get behind him 100%.

Trump got more of the minority vote than any Republican candidate ever.Trump brought in some of the Democrats. Maybe not a large percentage but some. He especially brought in the vote of people so disillusioned by politics they quit voting altogether. You’re not going to get a Republican candidate who can do that other than Trump. Trump has a terrific credible record to run on already. He wasn’t perfect by any means and there’s some things he’ll be able to do differently in his final term he probably should have done in his first but  he has a fantastic record to run on nonetheless. Consider what he accomplished on the border alone. His accomplishments are  indisputable.Some keep focusing on things he should have done-that time is past. Let’s get the focus on his historic records. How do we know it’s not our opponents trying to sow discontent? If it’s not them, they will definitely make use of any serious rumblings on our side they get wind of. His historic records are indisputable. We can stick with them and stay on message.

Finally, let’s remind these people that Trump actually got more votes-they increased substantially-in 2020 than 2016.It’s often overlooked. It’s one of the reasons i’m convinced he won in 2020 but it’s true regardless.

i hope the word about a primary challenger is just a rumor. Backstabbers like that don’t go over well anyway. We saw enough of those.Too many. BTW. It’s NOT Mike Pence. We already know he’s testing the water. He’s backstabber numero uno.He doesn’t have a prayer. He just doesn’t know it [yet].

Newsflash: there isn’t a candidate that can win without Trump’s loyal base. You stab Trump in the back we have a long memory.We’re in no mood to let bygones be bygones 2. Covid is why Trump lost? Biden is not going to get the virus ‘under control.’ Trump isn’t going to get the virus ‘under control.’ They’re men, not gods. Only God will be able to eradicate this bioweapon used by the CCP. Handle the consequences, yes. Control, no. Big difference.