ICYMI: “Republican Lawmakers Demolish Democrats’‘Big Lie’ That Arizona Audit Proved Biden Won the Election” | News | Donald J. Trump

Over the past four years, Donald J. Trump’s administration delivered for Americans of all backgrounds like never before. Save America is about building on those accomplishments!

Source: ICYMI: “Republican Lawmakers Demolish Democrats’‘Big Lie’ That Arizona Audit Proved Biden Won the Election” | News | Donald J. Trump

Trump urges supporters to attend rally for Michigan election audit: ‘Anyone who cares about our Great Country should attend’ – Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)

President Donald J. Trump urged his supporters to attend an upcoming rally in Michigan on Oct. 12 at the state capitol in Lansing. The demonstration, reportedly organized by the Election…

Source: Trump urges supporters to attend rally for Michigan election audit: ‘Anyone who cares about our Great Country should attend’ – Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)

(105) Tucker: This will destroy civilization as we know it – YouTube

Tucker is a very bright individual. God knows why he chose to go into journalism. He gives you a lot to chew over. Doesn’t do conspiracy theories either. i appreciate his fact based reporting as i do with Dan Bongino and Mark Levin. They don’t give opinions unless they can back them up.

This show gave me plenty to think about. Prompted me to ask a simple question. IF Biden didn’t cheat-which i am convinced happened-why on earth would anyone vote for him. Let’s suppose [hypothetical]it was a legit win; then the big question is, why would anyone vote for him and not Trump?

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic Trump had a booming economy. We’ll talk about the virus in a bit but for now we can focus on the state of the country prior to that. We were setting historic records,including the lowest minority unemployment in our history.

Manufacturers were coming back to the United States and we were at full employment.We were energy independent for the first time in decades and gas prices were low.We were no longer hostages of OPEC.

Hard to believe but we were exporting gas.Taxes were low. Trump cut the taxes across the board. Every demographic benefitted. The border was secure, the wall was nearly built and immigration reform was a real possibility. The country was on the right track.How about foreign policy? There was an unthinkable peace deal worked out in the Middle East-the Abrams Accord. North Korea was quiet. The Iranian regime was on the ropes.

Trump was getting ready to end our involvement in Afghanistan under a conditions based agreement with the Taliban. Trump was not into nation building or foreign entanglements. He kept us out of wars. He projected strength and built up our military. He had our military destroy ISIS.

Any President under these conditions would definitely win a 2nd term.

Biden,on the other hand, had been in politics for some 50 yrs and spent nearly of his adult life in DC.

He ran for President 2 or 3 times and lost but was picked by Obama for the VP spot. Can anyone name a single accomplishment of Joe’s?

Then the pandemic hit our shores. Biden spent nearly all of his whole campaign out of the public eye. Every time you turned around his staff was putting a lid on campaign events. He could barely get through a complete sentence and would lose his train of thought.

Sometimes he would just ramble with incoherence; other times he would just run off or let it be known his staff told him NOT to speak.

What did people think he was going to do if elected? The media portrayed him as mild mannered, nice, old moderate lunch bucket Joe. Some of us were old enough to remember what Joe was really like.

Trump worked his butt off campaigning. He didn’t take anything for granted.

The economy was just starting to recover too. It looked like country might start to get back to normal again. Trump made it clear he wanted to get things opened up including the schools. Biden gave me the impression he would do the opposite.

i can’t imagine any President did as well as Trump did with foreign and domestic issues would lose a 2nd term. It doesn’t make sense.

Let’s assume Biden’s win was legit which i don’t believe for a second but let’s suppose it were.

Seriously, why on earth would anyone vote for Biden over Trump?

They didn’t like how well Trump handled the economy? The media insisted Trump would get us into a war-probably WWIII- if he were elected; he actually kept us out of wars. The media said the stock market would crash if he were elected. It reached historic highs several times; setting records.

He was going to be a dictator but when the pandemic hit he left most of the decisions up to the states. When the riots hit our cities he offered the National Guard to those governors but never forced it.If they wanted it, they got it. If they didn’t that was the end of the discussion.

While the Democrats were demanding we defund the police Trump considered designating the Antifa/BLM riots an insurrection. It was, but then Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he wouldn’t support it and Trump backed down. i don’t believe he should have, but he did. I also believe Esper was a swamp creature not looking out for his boss’s best interest.

There are plenty of those. You see them testify on Capitol Hill all the time. They have a certain way of talking, bureaucrat speech. You know it when you hear it. Swamp creatures.Trump had a lot of people undermining his administration.Who could he trust?

Some people thought Trump was arrogant and nasty. Know that. He was a commanding presence meaning when he walked in a room you knew it. People knew who the boss was let’s put it that way. You could take that as arrogance. He knew he had a job to do.

He engaged a lot of people with different opinions but in the end he knew he was the one who had to make the decisions. World leaders may not have liked although surprisingly a lot of them did but they respected him. They knew they could count on the U.S. Our enemies feared us.

Yes, he had some hubris but you show me a person who runs for President who doesn’t to varying degrees.You have to be pretty sure of yourself-have some ego-if you’re going to run for the highest office in the United States and believe you’re the one to do it.

Unfortunately Biden has destroyed all that. We’re probably closer to war than we’ve ever been now. If you get right down to it Biden is everything they claimed Trump was. He is not a commanding presence though because most of the time he has no idea where he is, what he’s doing and sometimes lacks even basic comprehension; he can’t put together a coherent sentence.

I’m sorry but as much as his staff and the media try to cover for him, people have noticed. Can’t hide it forever when you’re President like you can on the campaign trail. The job requires you to go out in public.

I don’t think his people took that into consideration when he was running. They hit reality when he got in the oval office.

The big difference between Trump and Biden or Trump and any candidate was that he’s not an ideologue.

He’s neither Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal. He doesn’t come from that world. He’s results orientated. In his world your goal is to get things done. He was driven by his America First agenda. One thing you can say for Trump-he loves our country and its people.

It’s unquestionable. i don’t think Biden is driven by any love of our country. He’s a pure ideologue, party guy. The people around him are flat our Marxists. i hate to say it but the Biden family is also corrupt.

I’m not going to get that deep in the weeds because i don’t think the people who voted for him did either. I really just want to know why people voted for him. What reasons did they have to take Biden over Trump when we were doing so well under Trump. i hear people believed Biden could handle the pandemic better but i don’t see how that’s possible. If they thought Biden could end the virus they weren’t very realistic.

I never believed Trump could end the virus. We’re talking about a bioweapon the Chinese created. The CCP is evil.i believe Trump would have held them accountable in his 2nd term.Biden won’t bother.Prove me wrong.

I honestly want to know the reasons people voted for Biden. i’m sure even a liberal has some self interest where he doesn’t want the economy to collapse or for the country to be dragged into a war.You would think anyway. The Never Trumpers are people with a personal grudge against Trump. People like Liz Cheney are willing to get in bed with the Marxists if it means destroying Trump. i don’t have any respect for them either. i get why some of them voted Biden.

Trump was exactly right when he said he was the one thing between us and them. ‘He always said that they weren’t after him.They were after us. He was just standing in their way.

It is more evident now than ever with the recent memorandum from Merrick Garland and how corrupt the FBI and DOJ have become. Our agencies and institutions are totally politicized. I trust no one but Trump.I’m committed to voting for him the 3rd time in 2024 and intend to give him the best possible people in Congress come 2022.There are some up and coming MAGA candidates now. We may not get rid of all the RINOS but it won’t be for lack of trying.

Tucker nails it in the segment he did but leaves me with that question. Why did the average American vote Biden when things were so good under Trump? Anyone?